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    Liberation while alive

    The egoism and jealousy are the two obstacles to recognize the human incarnation of the Lord. First you must get rid of these two. The Love on the Lord in human form should become infinite and due to that the love on wealth, wife and children should be destroyed. This is called as Jeevanmukti. This is the only way. Without the attachment to the Lord you cannot detach yourself from the world. Without light the darkness cannot go. The bond on the Lord can alone cut these worldly bonds. Veda says to cut the bond with the wife (Pravrajeth), to cut the bond with the children (Na Prajaya, Kim Prajaya) and to cut the bond with the wealth (Dhanena Tyagena). Datta is the human form of the Lord, which is donated to the World. Without recognizing and loving Datta, all the detachment is useless. A stone is also completely detached and at the same time it has no love on Datta also.

    A stone is not liberated. Avadhoota does not mean a mad person who wanders without clothes. Hanuman and Gopikas are the real Avadhootas who have detached themselves from the world due to their infinite love on the Lord in human form.

    The sages could not recognize Rama due to their egoism and jealousy. Therefore they were born as Gopikas and then only recognized the Lord in human form. Even the sage Sarabhanga who sacrificed his body to the fire alter was born as Gopika and worshipped Lord Krishna. Since he could not recognize Rama, he was not liberated in that birth. Therefore one in millions can only attain Jeevanmukthi. Gita says the same (Kaschit Mam).

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    I don't think you need to destroy any love to have a love of the Father and the Son. One must destroy doubts in their own heart when having faith in the Father and the Son for His sacrifice for our sins. One must destroy their own pride when believing in the works of the Father and the Son, and the resurrection from the dead of the Holy Anointed. But love needn't be destroyed since this is what the Son wants us to have toward all people, whether they be believers or not.

    So, one should definitely love their wife, children, family, strangers, and so on. But never more than the Son or the Father. But love the Son more, and the Father Most of all. Blessings!