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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Liberation is about absolute Freedom and not limited change, while Information is about informing you about that which you either end up believing in or rejecting that you do not Know.

    You do not know anything unless you have Thought it out to be exactly what you understand it to be the Empirical Divine Truth, so all that you believe, without using your Divine Mind to verify, is just that, your belief, based upon information given to you to be the Truth without your Mental examination of the facts of the matter, which you now hang your belief upon, such as white, Arab, Jewish Religion, and all of its secondary religious creation.

    Tell me beloved, why is it that Black Folks are so quick and prone to get all pumped up over Black Folks dramatics, not having anything of Divine Provence to hang your Mind upon in order to justify you being so excited about, for instance, the Reverend Wright Performance and that is all it was, nothing New and Divinely Profound he gave to you at every interval of his dramatic tour of informing you about information either you already know or should have know about.

    Yet you Black Folks, not with a habit of Profound Independent Thinking, you get all worked up about something that do not have a **** Thing to do about you becoming Liberated from the Life condition Black folks are experiencing in America , in Afrika, and the outer World of White Folks, Arabs, and Jews, they that serve as the Trinity of Black Folks Physical and Mental Evil.

    Tell me, what is it that Reverend Wright said to you Black people that was so Liberating to your Body and Mind, not a Thing, but the Drama and the Sensationalism was so Sensual comforting until you allow yourself to go into a Sensual euphoria, just as Black People have been conditioned to do by putting all of their belief in that which bring to you sensual Pleasure, not realizing that the Use of the Senses, without the Guidance of your Divine Mind, all that you experience from such an indication that please the senses is no more than an illusion you want to be True, but in Real Divine Time, is no more than you in your performance of make believe, the way Black Folks have been conditioned to Live our black Lives today, and because of our addiction to a Life of Fantasy, I beseech you to behold in Real Divine time, the Real Condition of the Black World and Afrika, two Dynamics that Black folks have been conditioned to have no Divine Thoughts about, because we have been serenaded into believing the expressing of Sensual so call Loving Behavior for America, is to be our first and only Love, for a country with a History of Kicking Black Folks behind, from our Children on up to the Eldest amongst us Black so call Afrikan Americans, and you have the Gall to ignore a call for a need that you must experience if the Black Life is to experience, not a political social change, but a Spiritual change, which will come by you Black People deciding that you are in Need of a Black Spiritual Retreat from your Believing Religious Spirituality, and there is a Difference, Beloved.

    Now, let us deal with Reverend Wright and put his performance in its wicked perspective, you Black Folks running around elevating a Wolf in Wolf clothing pretending to be a Sheep.

    Reverend Wright has thrown to Black folks yet another Deceiving Phrase to use and we have caught it without question, the phrase being Liberation Theology and lying telling you that such a Theology is what Black Ministers preach in the Black Church, beloved not a Greater Lie has been told than that, and because Black People now thrive on Lies coming from the Black Church, by the action of the Church Minister of White Folks, Arab, and Jewish Religion, we now believe all that those Lying Devils tell you about that which they have gotten from their Luciferian Theological Seminaries, and you question not, causing us Black People to become just as a Fool as the Minister feeding you that Religious Cyanide.

    Beloved, in the Life of the Black World, we have now today, a Liberation Theology and a Information Theology,that which I share with you today, is and can be to you, a Liberating Theology, as well as a Mind Liberating experience.

    Reverend Wright and all other Religious Preachers, they give to you an Information Theology, for instance, all that was said by Reverend Wright that the Racist Media have giving to us in Sound Bites are no more than Information Theology, Reverend Wright has given you information you Black People should have already known about America, Europe, and Asia behavior in the World toward Black People, and Black People is my major concern, because I know with your Liberation, come the Liberation for all that are down trodden by that Trinity Ethnic groups of Evil.

    Everything that is told to you from the Pulpit in the Black Church rate no higher than Information, most being of a Religious Lie to you.

    Beloved, From the Time of the Fall, not of Rome, but of Black so call Afrikan People, to our present Life experience, all that has been fed to us from the Black Church Pulpit is no more than Information based upon Lies and acts of Deception , telling you about God, Universe, and your Black selves, tell me, why don't you Know whom you Black People are today, have you not spend all of your Black Life believing in Jesus, every since your Divine Theology had been taken away from you ?

    Well then, why are you still in America, why is it that Afrika no longer belong to the Afrikan, why is the Black world split asunder, are not those lying Black Preacher telling you that you are getting a Liberating Theology in the Black Church, teaching you to believe on information given to them by Lucifer himself, while your Black Life drain away into a cesspool of Religious Lies ?

    All the Reverend did at the Press Club was to sensationalize and Dramatize to you information you should have known about America, beloved, that is not Liberation Theology.

    Well, what is Liberation Theology, well such is a Thought Process that require for you to Think your way through Life and to begin by Knowing What God Divinely and Truly Is, Such a Theology is not based upon you believing about God.

    Liberation Theology is about you Knowing God, knowing the Meaning and Purpose of the Universe, and Whom you Black people Divinely are in this Evil World, knowing you are not to become of that World, because Black Folks in and of our Divine Self, is a World independent from the Evil of a World that has shown nothing but contempt for the Black World, now this is what Liberating Theology is about, Sharing the Divine Truth with you, about You, and the God of our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ancient First Way Black Ancestors, and not some made up False God, which now occupy the Black Church of Religion.

    Nothing Liberating is about the Gospel of Christ for Black People, just Lying Informational Doctrine.

    I come and I share with you our Need for a Black Spiritual Retreat, and you Dummy up and go Blind and Deft, a sign of our Religious Captivity, and you believe you be doing me a disservice ?

    No, no, Beloved, it is not I that is your Enemy, it is that which you can no longer See and now is looking at that which you only have to believe that is causing you to look at and accept the religious doctrine of Lies, you not being qualified to Know, that which you can not See is your Divine Truth, and now what you have been conditioned to look at, is to be your Religious Truth and such is what now is serving as our Chains of Confinement, keeping us to believe in a False God, and to be made to appear to be intelligent, when all the Time our Belief is verifying the Fool we have been made to become.

    Yes, Yes, beloved, you most certainly are in Need of a Spiritual Retreat, because you Need to be able to See why it is you Need to Retreat from Lucifer Religion.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Spend all of their Time Despising the Divine Truth, and have the Audacity to attempt to Challenge what we do not Know, which is, The Divine Truth.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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