Black People : Liberals, Trojan Horses and the Myth of Police-Community Relations

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    by Josmar Trujillo
    This article previously appeared in Truthout.

    “Liberalism loves a good cop, and would just like us to be more trusting of them.”

    Often, the loudest voices pushing the idea that we should build (rebuild and rebuild) trust between
    communities and police belong to seemingly sympathetic liberals. Conversations that focus on this
    ever-elusive "trust," however, sidestep calls from the grassroots that say we need a
    fundamentally different relationship with police – not simply a less suspicious one. The recent
    shooting deaths of two NYPD officers have now thrown that conversation into disarray, but there was
    never reason to believe people could or should kiss and makeup with cops.

    In New York this year, a seemingly nonstop parade of police brutality videos followed by massive
    protests in December after the choking death of Eric Garner and the non-indictment of his killer have
    raised penetrating questions over a historically fraught relationship with cops. Protesters in the streets
    – continuing to connect the dots from Ferguson to New York that Mayor Bill de Blasio didn't want
    them to connect – aren't just defiant, they're fed up.

    And rightly so. There were plenty of dots last year in addition to the killings of Garner and, more
    recently, Akai Gurley: in 2014, cops roughed up a Latino student in Queens, telling him to get a
    "taco"; bloodied an 84-year old Asian man, trying to cite him for jaywalking; wrestled a Black man
    for having his leg on subway seat; threw a 14-year old Black teen through a window; broke the face of
    a young Black man for fare-beating; assaulted a Black man in the teeth with the tip of a gun; kicked a
    Mexican street vendor in the back; and even threw a pregnant Colombian woman to the ground.

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