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    Levels of divine knowledge

    In the lower level, the divine knowledge is also sweet but such divine knowledge is only a sugar coated bitter medicine. The knowledge of the messengers of Satan is totally sugar, which is sweet causing the diabetes. The lower divine knowledge is like a sugar coated bitter medicine to cure the disease and such sugar coating is needed for the children.

    An adult eating sweets is different from a child, which is given a sugar coated medicinal pill. The ignorance of the adult cannot be excused like the ignorance of the child. Therefore, the beginners in the spiritual path are excused for their ignorance and God favors them by certain boons appearing as if violating the cycle of deeds. In fact it is not violation and it is only an adjustment without any violation hoping for the growth of the soul in the spiritual line.

    But the soul should not sit in this level only and in course of time should progress and respect the rigid cycle of deeds without any aspiration of fruit from God. When Rama turned the stone into Ahalya, a lower devotee will think that Rama did a miracle and favored Ahalya by canceling the curse. But the higher-level devotees will see the same incident in another angle. The same sage Goutama who gave the curse limited his curse till that day only.

    Therefore, when the duration of punishment is over, Ahalya came back in to her original state and in this incident there is no violation of the cycle of deeds that gives the punishment and also fixes the duration of punishment. In fact, Rama followed the divine administration strictly because the curse has to end through Him only. Thus, the lower level devotees take God as capable as well as violating the divine administration if He likes. But the higher-level devotees take even the violation as a part of the divine administration itself.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony
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    When we first start of on the road of salvation, given to us by the King and savior who sacrificed His body on the tree for our sins, we start of with a little at a time, only taking in what the GREAT GLORY see fit we can handle.

    It may not be as heavy as later knowledge which will be received, so long as one stays on the righteous road in belief to the One who was resurrection from the dead to life eternal on the 3rd day, but it is nothing less of eye opening to the ways of this world and the One true Way of the Father, His Son.

    Keep faith and hold onto belief, and be true in your works while keeping the commandments; salvation and redemption won't be far.