Black Poetry : Letting go of Youth

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    Wall St. Firm's Office Support Area (boring)
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    In my mind,
    I am still there, fresh out of
    school, campus life memories
    reflecting the best of times.
    Life has moved on,
    but I'm still there,
    Still at that newborn adult stage
    Awkwardly trying to fit in,
    Open to the unknown,
    excited at the promise of the future.

    But my vessel, my body has aged,
    my lessons of naivete learned.
    I pass my reflection, catch a glance,
    and am startled once again...
    Who is that frumpy looking old dude?
    Somebody's Dad, or Uncle?

    Still head nodding to Hip hop,
    though Sugar Hill broke out
    senior year at H.U.
    I should have college aged kids of my own,
    if I could just grow up myself....
    but I fell behind, got left back,
    and find myself longing for the days
    of no mortgage, no aches and pains
    when playing weekend athelete,
    and energy that is as hard to
    get a rein in as a wild horse
    at a rodeo.

    I laugh when an "oldie" is reffered to as
    a New Edition hit, an oldie for me is
    Parliament, Stevie Wonder and
    Earth Wind and Fire in their prime.
    College aged students look like babies,
    as headstrong and stubborn as I was...
    As I still am...

    and I long for the
    smile of a sweet young lady,
    a harmless glance that gets held
    a second longer,
    a momentary flirtation, just
    enough attention
    to make me feel I am still
    among the living, the crowd
    that dictates what's cool,
    and what's hot or not....

    Maybe then I can face my future,
    one that only slows down more as
    maturity sets in and mandates
    letting go of silly, immature
    diversions. I have to learn
    to laugh at the rye and the witty,
    not the silly and the gross,
    and realize that as those
    20-something Jessica Alba/
    Beyonce/Alicia Keys/Eve types
    look my way, there will only
    be a nanosecond of eye contact,
    and then they'll look right
    through me like I wasn't even there.

    A sadness encroaches, much like that
    one feels as Summer turns to Fall...
    As we accept all changes of seasons,
    I must accept that time must continue,
    and I must let go of youth.
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    Apr 6, 2001
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    I don't know bro but we got to be the very same age cus your musical land marks in time are the same as mine, but being from HU you should not have forgotten EU (LOL) Feel me
    man dont worry bout what you spose to do "do what you like" Humpty Hump
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    lmao @ shaz

    leave Andre alone

    he's trying to heal :lol:

    heart-felt piece Dre

    pd :)