Chief Elder Osiris : Letting Go Of Something In Order To Reclaim Something Of Value To You

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    Letting Go Of Something In Order to reclaim something of value To you

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear You.

    If Black Folks Need To Let Go of something In Our Lives, IT IS FEAR OF DYING AT THE HAND OF LUCIFER THE HUMAN BEING!!!

    Death is death, whether it come from your oppressors or from the Afrikan Tribesmen, Despots or Traitors of the Black World.

    Why is it that the rich and selfish revolutionary, use the poor and unfortunate as a shield to carry out their acts of insurrection as if the poor among us have no ability to speak their desire or to wage a revolution that would be truly for their Freedom, Justice and respect.

    I do not apologize for not having sympathy for those who has not earned it from me.

    Take Egypt for instance, and do not get me wrong, all oppressed people deserve to be free, but for those Egyptians out in the streets of Egypt, can they say that they have not assisted Mubarak in suppression, persecuting and disenfranchising the original people of that part of Afrika by remaining silent to their injustice and oppression?

    Beloved, I give to you the Divine Identity of the Divine Being in the Land now referred to as Afrika.

    Who Said that You need to Let go Of something in Order to reclaim The something You Already Have?

    What you already have is Divine, so in the possession of that which is Divine, will resolve you of all that is not Divine if you would only claim it and use it to respect and protect if necessary your life.

    So the requirement of you, is to reclaim your Divinity, and profanity will dissolve away, because you need to let go that which you have allowed to be, the inactivity of your Divine Mind.

    So, by you not being of that Divine mind Dimension, when in the possession of the profane mind which we now use, it being that which you allowed Lucifer to be in control of, the profane mind most Black people are a victim of today.

    Whether you believe it or not, which is the way you use your mind to determine things to be true or false today.

    Black people once were with a Mind that once was the guide of Black people, which was a quality of Mind that did not have Black people in wonder about what we were, before we became who we are now.

    Today, such a lack of self knowledge, have me wondering who among us Black people could hold the Divine truth about ourselves, if told to Black people, we who are in close relationship with doubt.

    Better still, who among Black people that have the Divine information that has been reveal to you, informing about that which qualify you to know such Divine Information that reveal the exact universal nature of a people who now been made to be identified as Black Afrikan people with a human being mind.

    Black people are the people who need only to reclaim their Divine mind, the mind that will cause you to have no need to let go, but to receive that which your First Way Ancestors came to this planet with, it being your Divine Mind.

    So you see, the more Divinely Wise you are revealed to be to Black so call Afrikan people, the more despised the wise become to most Black Afrikan people, you who now operate without the Divine Mind that came with that Divine Black Body.

    Tell me, why has not your Black Afrikan leaders of all rank and file, those you hold up to high esteem, being of all category of social secular acceptance.

    Why haven't they ever told you Black people the story of your sojourn to this planet and about your culture tradition spiritual expressed identity?

    Why haven't they told you about the nature of your Divine Self, the self our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors told us about, that there will be a Time to come, when we will lose the knowledge of ourselves, and then there will come the time again, when you will need to know of again, Thyself.

    I will share this information about your Black Divine self, you may accept or reject as you so desire, because there is nothing about me that hang in the balance that is based upon what you believe about me, because my knowledge from the information that is revealed to me about things of an exoteric and esoteric nature, come not from you Black Afrikan Human Beings, and nor from Lucifer mind, but from our Divine Cosmic Ancient First Way Ancestors, they who are real in the genetic helix that determine what I Am To Be, Divinely.

    Black people been made to be a very superstitious people, we rather believe in the devil than to know of the essence of Thyself, and without knowledge of the Divine essence, you are prone to believe without thought or Divine Reasoning, those things Lucifer teach to you Black Human Beings,

    Today, most Black people are a perfect description of somebody who do not know the Divine truth about ourselves, and without such knowledge you are not qualified to know what is Real and what is the illusion of being real.

    As has been revealed to me about ourselves as so call Black Afrikan people, which is that, there is no term to be founded used by our Ancient First Way Ancestors that identify anything as Black or White, Brown or Yellow, color scheme names are the creation of Lucifer the Human Being.

    Also, that which we recognize as language of modern day usage, is of contemporary usage and is not primitive (First) Ancestors usage.

    The method used to communicate by our First Way Divine Cosmic Ancestors, was in fact depended upon the culture environment of the Time of our First way Ancestors presence, they had no mono- language that specifically identified them, they were a universal people with a universal intelligence, that which allowed them to be of or adaptive to the environment they either established by their presence or founded to be already established, but such was not to be the case of their arrival to this solar system on this planet by our First Way ancestors.

    Because, no people were here, when first coming of our First Way Ancestors to this planet.

    Meaning that, the first civilization to Dawn this planet was one of a Divine Nature of a culture, Universal in scope and living.

    so in reference to the Divine People, they who first arrived to this planet, or shall I say, truth and Reality without doubt of presence, the culture you reference as being Universe planetary Star system and the people being Afrikan and Black, such terms we now use, created by Lucifer on this planet, has no connection to our first way Ancestors in the way they saw/see and describe those things that they were well familiar with, by they being a Universal Divine Being..

    so the culture and tradition we point to as an identity of ourselves, is a very dubious culture and tradition, which has no direct relationship to our First Way Ancestors way of doing things and nor the way they behaved.

    The First Way Ancestors, their spirit was from that of a Divine Mind and their intelligence was Universal in knowledge, that which come from the ability to Divinely Reason logically, about all they were aware of.

    The Social Stratification which was a display of their structure of living, was not that which was/is based upon Right or wrong, Good or Bad, God as a religion.

    Class category was not of their way of life, these were people who were not into believing, but were in the know of the Divine essence, the universe, one nonphysical and the other being physical, and they were of the knowledge of the nature of life and beyond life, and the channel required to get beyond life to Divine Existence, an incorporation of life into not Being.

    Therefore, the terminology we use today, to express ourselves, was not the way our First Way Ancestors expressed their knowledge and awareness.

    So, how Lucifer has conditioned you to function on this planet, is a function guarded and controlled by Lucifer, he who creates your culture and mold your traditions, by creating and structuring your environment.

    So how you look at and believe is your so call Black Afrikan culture and tradition, is only that which has been so structured by Lucifer.

    So, is it not logical to conclude that all that the Black life is exposed to on this planet today, is that which Lucifer has created to identify you to be?

    Why do you have a Divine instruction imploring you to get to now who in this hellish world you are, because as it is today.

    Beloved, you have been made to be fiction portraying reality and truth, when Divinely, you are not what you believe about yourself to be, and have been, and is today.

    Your Nature is Grace, purity, and perfection, you did not come to this planet wearing grass clothing, animal hide, jumping up an down in your effort to summon the gods, or beating drums as your means of communication with each other or with the so call Spirits of our Ancestors.

    You Divine Beings were accustom to wearing the cloth of universal texture, gracing the body of a Divine intelligent Being.

    so you did not come here needing a spear for protection, or a bow and arrow, you came with the intelligence that got you through the corridors of the Universe, meaning that your Divine intelligence was Universal technology of the Divine Kind.

    Why do you Think that your Mother and father instructed you to learn again the information concerning Thyself.

    I will not play with your mind indicating prediction concerning the End of time, the End of the world, dooms Day 2012.

    What I will share with you, is that the Universe is in a shifting mode and the turn it is moving, is causing the coming of the Time that will cause Enlightenment, as your Ancient Cosmic Divine First way Ancestors Represented, and beloved, Divine Enlightenment is power like you have no imagination of, yet you are in possession of generating such potential of power.

    You Black so call Afrikan, are the Daughters and suns of your Cosmic Divine First way Ancestors.

    to get to know and understand what you need to know is here, and is already in motion to have you to know that man in his selfish want to rule you and mistreat you, suh eil rule by man is at a end, if only the Mind of black people grace this time of Divine enlightenment, and cease doubting the mystery that is in association with your divine mind.

    Beloved, you must come to know that you are obligated to dismiss all tat Lucifer has told to you bout you, he is the one tat fear you, not based upon brute strength,but based upon the power of your divine mind when in your possession.

    You Divine Beings, you were the first to come to this planet without the handicap of Religion, you needed not to command or demand your sisters and brothers about anything, your intelligence was of common use, and you feared no Being that was with the level of mind to capture you.

    Now is the time for the Black world to declare our freedom, and such a declaration will verify our acquaintance with our ancient Cosmic First way ancestors, they who are prepared to return Afrika back to the first world upon this planet, and to sanctify once gain the Mind of the people now referred to as black Afrikan.

    Reclaim Your Divine Mind And In So doing You Let go The Profane mind that have You silent, In this Day and time When You Should be Demonstrating your Desire To Be free.

    Miss The Time To Act Out Of Respect To freedom, And You Render your Life To Be Of No Value, Beloved

    Be Kind To Your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]