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    Jesus on Egyptian balance scales
    400 pages
    By Andre Austin

    The void of not being brought up in a Church would manifest itself later in time a burning desire as a college student to figure out and investigate this mysterious religion called “Christianity”. It was a mystery to me because my parents never explained the Bible to be or showed me the insides of a church pew.

    My detective research on religion in general would be a ten-year odyssey. Initially I was intimidated because the Biblical writings were at first complex and incomprehensible to me. This obstacle would soon fade after reading Black History books, Greek and Roman writings which gave me the confidence and skills to attempt to conquer all literature. I wanted to be just like Malcolm X so I read just about everything I could get my hands on at Michigan State University.

    The roots of Christianity of being from Egypt basically has had a two thousand year head start and free pass because the Hieroglyphic writings were suppressed by 400ad and translation of their documents didn’t come until the 1820’s. In 1799 an officer in the French army found a black stone (Rosetta stone), which had Egyptian scripts with its Greek equivalents. This was the pivotal moment in the history of religion because scholars would now be able to read Egyptian and provide parallels of the Egyptian and Christian religion. I strongly believe that if the ancient Egyptians had won the war against Octavian in 31 BC and never had lost their language and writings theologians today would be worshiping the trinity as Osiris, Horus and Isis instead of Jesus, Mary and the Holy Ghost.

    The part I will be playing in this book is simply connecting all the Old and New Testament characters that match up with the ancient Egyptian characters. My demonstrations, presentations and explanations are plain enough for a twelve year old to grasp but also written in a style for those with literary appetites. The aim of my book is to integrate the Egyptian religion into the family of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Islam is seen as a step-brother of the former two and the ancient Egyptian religion, (which has no name because it was a way of life), is considered non-related. And I shall prove they are all cousins and have the same blood. And that leads to my secondary objective of eliminating racism once and for all. Some of the same African-Americans who walk the streets of Chicago, LA and Harlem resemble some of the faces of the Mummies buried in tombs in Egypt. Western civilization has copied many of the concepts found in Egypt and have incorporated its concepts in their religions, plays, arts and medicine. Its illogical to assume a people of an inferior status would be plagiarized by those who think they have a superior edge of brainpower. Allow me to give you some brief examples of the extensive “borrowings” from the Egyptians.

    1. Herodotus 2:42 attests to the fact that Zeus was the Egyptian Amen. Apostle Paul gave Jesus/Zeus the name Amen in his writings see 2 Cor 1:20 & Rev 3:14. Whenever Jesus emphasized the veracity of a statement he prefaced it with saying Amen twice. This goes back to the Egyptian court of justice where souls where judged in the “double hall of truth”. Your heart had to be truth and weigh up with a feather of truth.
    2. Solomon is a composite for three names for the sun Sol, Om, On. Egyptians considered the sun to be a source of wisdom and health. Solomon is just like the Egyptian Thoth/Hermes was known as Wise and “Thoth Thrice Great”. This may explain why parts of the proverbs “are based on the Egyptian maxims of Amenemope (Amenhotep III) is so well known. Thoth also is known as “son of fire” which is interchangeable with the sun.

    3. The story of Samson and Delilah is recycled myth found in The Egyptian Book of the Dead written before Moses was born. Thoth raises the hair (cloud/water) so that the sun/eyes of Horus could come back to health. Samson power was in his hair. He lost his power when hair was cut and regained it when he let it raise up or grow back. Now I know where Jesus got his line: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” Matthew 6:22 . The writer Luke 11:33-34 provides more stronger proof. “The lamp of the body is your eye. When your eye is sound, then your whole body is filled with light”. This concept came directly from the Egyptian Book of the dead.
    4. Jesus miracle of transforming five loaves of bread and two fishes into an abundance of food for thousands of people is written in hieroglyphics before the Bible came into existence. I thought it was a coincidence until Jesus performed the same exact miracle except with seven loaves and two fish. The miracle is repeated again for a second time in hieroglyphic texts but now with 7 loaves and 2 fish. This event happening twice in hieroglyphics and twice in the Bible is no coincidence at all but an exact replication. Then the writer of Matthew 16:9-10 goes on a challenge or tease the reader to know what he was talking about. “Do ye not yet understand, neither remember the five loaves of the five thousand…neither the seven loaves of the four thousand?”
    5.Ancient Egyptians went to heaven by a process of having their hearts weighed on a scale. Its counterweight was truth/Amen. If your heart was balanced straight to the truth you were given the gift of eternal life. This was the meaning of “The way the truth the life”. The words of your soul played a part also had to be true in order to become “Waters of fire” in their heaven. This was the equivalent of Revelations “River of life” and Jesus as a new sun would be shining on it. This is what I see in the caduceus, ankh, and cross:
    The sun rising over a river. The banks meander, snake like. Perhaps it is from this very natural inspiration we get the caduceus/ankh/cross as the universal symbol of God, the River of LIFE. After the Greek philosopher Thales came home from Egypt his doctrine was that water is the universal primary substance.

    6.The Egyptian Balance scales can all be superimposed on their own ankh, the Christian Cross and Moses bronze snakes. They are all interrelated and connected to “Waters of Fire/light”. You see Moses two bronze snakes on a pole that provided health to those who set their eyes on it can be seen in a river with the sun separating a portion of the river with its light causing zig zags that appear to be snakes in the water. Jesus criss-crossed legs/snakes on the cross/pole/tree is just a human representation of Moses bronze snakes that goes back to Thoth raising the hair/water so that the eyes/sun could be healed. Jesus did claim that he was the light and his words would heal. Why did they represent God as a sun in Psalm 84:11 & Malachi 4:2? And so we already have quotes from Luke and Jesus saying that light/eyes equaled the body being whole i.e. healthy. Osiris was the original gatherer of fruits from trees he trained the creeping vines to twine themselves around poles. The hierogyphic sign for magic was material that was twined together. The use of magic words was the way to enter heaven.They were not talking about anything new because nothing new was under the sun in Egypt. The Catholics declare that the keys to heaven are gold and silver. But this goes back to “waters of fire”, gold/sun silver/moon/water.

    I have literally dozens of comparative ideas that have been stolen and crossed over into Christianity texts pretending to be their own. Plagiarism isn’t that hard to detect you just have to know what you’re looking for. The major concepts remain the same; and most plagiarist switch the settings, scenes and names to avoid looking like copycats but their foundations remain Egyptian.

    Upon request I will provide sample essays and chapters to prove there is a hunger and thirst for the true origins of religions. Consideration of publication shouldn’t be taken lightly. Religion indirectly and directly affects the lives of billions of people around the world and their minds should have the opportunity to be a judge for themselves. Old wine bottles will fit into new bottles because Christianity is just a new version of the old. The die Christianity cast came from the same molds found in Egypt. The time of viewing the Bible in isolation of other cultures is slowly ending. After you finish reading my book you will find out that not even a fool will be unable to pick up the artifacts, hints and clues of the carbon copied religion you know as Christianity. The facts have been scattered in hundreds of diffirent places and books can be read now in my book. And in my court cases of abundant evidence in Christianity On Trial is absolutely new in its arguments and a remarkable read for many years selling in bookstores.

    Andre Austin