Black Poetry : Letters of a Sodomite Paul: Mr Superfly-Apostle

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    Letters of a Sodomite Paul: Mr. Superfly-Apostle (2 Cor 11:5)

    By Andre Austin

    We traveled on a ship called “Jesus”

    Like infants in a Ark like Basket it was Just-US

    It wasn’t The Santa the Pinta and not even the Nina

    Then given the Gospels according to Paulina (Paul)

    The NT literal and symbolic meaning of theological words

    Is decoded in the OT of Typesetting of God’s, Apostles and the Lords

    So its like a double edged sword

    Having two or three allegorical meanings; please unplug its cords

    In Africa, we were right, tight and shined bright

    Then was forced to listen to the slave version covenant of the Sodomite

    His Gospel was 69: verse 187 do not pass go to Heaven its out of sight

    His father of lies were 3 devils in the absence of Light

    Is this too heavy for you like an explosive Dynamite

    Both Saul’s came from the Tribe of Benjamin (Roman 11:1 & 1 Sam 9:21)

    The OT Saul was changed into a different “Man” (1 Samuel 10:6)

    Just like the NT Saul/Paul do U understand (Acts 13:9)

    The OT Saul ordered the mutilation of the flesh and foreskin (1 Sam chap 18)

    So did the dogs (Anuibus) mutilate Paul’s flesh because of sin (Philippians 3:2)

    That dog was like Jack the Ripper to Paul down to the nerve

    Recall a Twilight Zone flick Alien books on man to serve (or make him a supper John 12:2-3)

    Then his stones and dry tree * was thrown to dogs on a silver dish (Exodus 22:31)

    If your body is bread and its crust and crumps is ate by dogs don’t be amiss

    It’s the wasteful food dogs pray for and offer up a wish (Luke 16:21 & Mark 7:27)

    That’s why dogs are at the Table of Demons a point not to miss (1 Cor 10 & Mark 7:27)

    However, Paul did consider his equipment nothing but Rubbish (Philippians 3:2-9)

    Punished for crimes against Stephan a follower of the way

    Paul instigated the casting of the first stone ( Acts chapter 7 & 8)

    He reap what he sowed from the OT Saul plus Stephan so he lost his stones

    Caesar’s Chief Pontiff residence linked with the sacred way (The Way)

    Everyday was their Bank day

    The Flavians taught the Rabbinical Judaism that Ham was gay

    For those reasons they worked Blacks for no wages from night to day

    But like Kunta Kinte Paul lost his other feet

    I love Black women and I bow down to kiss their feet and go all the way

    Paul’s feet were cut and ate by Anuibus (the dog Philippians 3:2-9)

    So was Jesus/Lazarus feet but they named him the Egyptian Rufus (Mark 15:21 & Rev 11:8)

    The dogs did pierce his feet and hands (Psalm 22:16)

    We are ignorant and lost in the times of the desert sands

    Watch Josephus writings of a Jesus crucifixion & sup in the Land (Vita 35 or Life of Josephus)

    It follows same order of Lazarus/Jesus death then making him a Table supper (John 12:2-3)

    The blackman controlled by child support papers

    Then emasculated by priests, Pimps and Police Capers

    Then comes the Undertaker comes to defile with the Curtains and black Drapers

    Blackman reduced to sucking pacifiers and wearing pampers

    When it comes to punishments we a grown man

    When it comes to benefits we infants eating out of their hands

    No programs to uplift us we ain’t getting any

    Compliments of “Legion”, that’s Satan followers that are many

    Then we are divided up with the Willie Lynch multi-layered schisms

    With everyone brainwashed with its poetic Catechism

    Who in the hell left the gate open for all these Dogs

    In Egypt: “Do you know the name of this gateway”, asks Dog-headed Anubis for his log

    In Rev 22:14-15:Outside the gate of the city are the dogs and sodomites caught in the fog

    They shall not rise up on clouds, treated like Magog & Gog

    They got us on the Long ride like Ice Cube with no Lube

    Fooled by the letters of a Sodomite in books, radio, Hollywood & mislead on Youtube

    · Isaiah 56: 3

    · Exodus 22:13 if meat torn buy an animal throw it to dogs. In the NT when people had demons at the dinner table crumbs were tossed to Dogs