Black People : Letter to Oprah


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Feb 26, 2005
With Dual's permission, I am starting a thread discussing an idea he proposed in the 'Let's create our own power thread'. His post is below:

Dual Karnayn's Idea

Karma's Question

So what blueprints could be created to start being in the position of power of owning & operating television stations? What can the average individual black person do?

Dual's Response

I think a start would be for Oprah to buy ABC.

I trust her judgement.....

She's a pretty wise and level-headed woman so I think she would actually do good our image good with the type of programing she'd promote.

We seem to dominate cable stations like Comedy Central and HBO, but that's not what the majority of people watch. The majority of people in and outside of America watch major broadcast stations like NBC and ABC and that's where we need to focus.

Now, the reason why I think this is a good idea is because one of the black mothers of my brother's social club (a group that caters to the social needs of special-needs kids), wrote a letter to Oprah talking about the club. Oprah wrote back personally. Now while it will be a bit of a wait to see what happens (hopefully the club will become nationally-recognized through that action), I think if Oprah did at least read it perhaps she would think about Dual's proposal.

Do you think that this is something that should be persued? If so, do you think the members here should send something collectively?

And who would you feel most comfortable jumpstarting these types of things? Should there be a vote among members to nominate who will be responsible with coordinating this?

Dual Karnayn

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Nov 5, 2005
Karma're far too kind......

The only time I'll take credit for the idea is when we all get to meet Oprah

But right off the top of my head I can think of a few suggestions.

I believe Destee would do good to design the letter because that's her expertise.
She's got some sort of designing business I believe.

Then we can get some of the colleged grads on here to put thier book-learning to use by laying out a descent proposal and plan of action for her.

But like I said, Oprah is a very wise woman so she probably already knows what to do and how the game is played.
What she needs most is grassroots support from the Black and Liberal communities around the nation....and that's where we come in. is a pretty popular webside and we have thousands of members who pop in and out, if we explained and pushed the program long and hard enough I'm sure we could get those thousands of members to contact millions of others around the country to support her in her efforts.

Just about everybody....especially Oprah so it shouldn't be too hard getting her support if we present the program properly.

Hell she already has a magazine that sells like mad, a broadcast channel is only the next step.


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Feb 26, 2005
Dual, I agree.

So maybe you can suggest this to her one-on-one (Contact Us, chat, etc.).


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Feb 22, 2004
i changed my post because i thought about her show. .usually oprah caters to whites on her show. she does stuff about black people sometimes but mainly rich celebrities, or she seems to only be concerned with women.all of her "experts are white" ii mean you cant find a black chef, personal trainer, or psychologist?, and personal trainers on theyre usually white. is she right for the job just cuz she is rich?

after all wasnt oprah responsible in part for george w bush becoming liked by the u.s.? does bush deserve to be on a black persons show? does her o" channel or her show ever dig deep into political issues?

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