Black People : Letter to My Mama

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    Dear Mom,

    As another mother’s day rolls around, and I think to myself I don’t know how much longer I will have you. I know that you are tired because your heart is so weak. And even when you think I don’t understand I do. It hurts so badly because I cannot help you. If I could pay for some fancy doctor, believe me I would. You gave me Life after you lost one child and I thank you for all that you have done for me. I could not afford daycare and you stuck it out for me knowing you were sick everyday.

    Mom, I know I can be a brat sometimes even though I’m 21. You still love me unconditionally. You were there when I had my first born. In fact, you were the only one there. You were by my side 2 days in the hospital, and god knows I cannot thank you enough. You are my best friend, the only one who understands my worst fears. I come crying and you cry too, and we both comfort each others sorrows.

    I know that it is hard because you must care for you mother who is ill. Even though you think no one appreciates that you did not put her away in some nursing home, you are my hero. You have no help, as your condition worsens but god knows I am always here.
    When I had no food you would give me your last. And when I was broke you went into your savings to make sure I had. Dealing with rebellious daughters all these years, failing relationships, and the burden of being a single mom.

    Never thought I’d understand but I am just like you. You always said, “one day you’ll understand.” I guess you were right because I understand perfectly. Being a single mom is not too pretty and I’ll never understand how you kept it all together. “GOD”, I know that’s what you are going to say. Even though you have struggled, dead end jobs and all, and you may not have some fancy college degree but you are definitely a genius. You always said math wasn’t your thing. To me you multiplied Love and miracle and raised three hard headed kids.

    Sometimes I wonder if you know how much I love you, how much I really care. You’ll probably read this and break down and cry. And you know I will cry too. I know sometimes I can be a real pain in the butt, because I’m going through a lot. You don’t pay me any attention you just continue to love me with all you heart.
    You are the best grandmother my children could ever have, and what you taught me I will pass it on.

    You made me a strong woman, and I am thankful still today. I can handle my own situations and be a better woman. How can they say you have a “bad” heart? You have the best heart of anyone I have ever known Mom as the days and months go by I watch as you get tired. As your heart grows weaker, and mine too. I struggle with the reality that I may not have you long. So I thank my lucky stars and say a prayer every night before I lay my head down, “Thank you god for sending me a beautiful black queen.”

    Deepest Love,

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    A very heart felt letter , my prayers are with you and your mom .
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    Sweetheart she is still here with you.
    Treasure each day as if it's your last!
    Live and love to the fullest.
    She is forever in your heart as you you are forever in her arms.
    I bet her saying is "baby your mama aint going nowhere!
    And she is right as you are a blessing from her to be passed on through spirit!
    Much love sistah,much love