Brother AACOOLDRE : Letter to Ken Hanson author of Armageddon Code

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    To: Kenneth Hanson, author of Armageddon Code

    From: Andre Austin

    Date : 3/26/2016

    Subject: The Attempt to erect Caesar’s Image

    Dear Mr. Hanson:

    I’m enjoying your ebook on The Armageddon Code. I agree that Antiochus IV , Pompey and the Herod’s did things to pollute the Temple but not Pilate trying to set up Tiberius image to Jerusalem. I believe Flavius Josephus made a trinity of lies in succession in The Antiquities of the Jews Book 18. All three were fiction the attempt to place an image of Tiberius, the mention of a wise man Jesus and the story of Decius Mundus.

    A. The image of Tiberius is Typologically linked with Moses and the Golden Calf image along with the Egyptian story of Hathor “Slaying of Men”

    B. Everybody say the Testimonium Flavianum was fictional about a wise man crucified by Pilate

    C. The Decius Mundus incident is based on Osiris being tricked he was having sex with Isis but it was Isis sister. Josephus just reverses it by having Mundus pretend he’s Anubis having sex with two women.

    I read Suetonius biography and he doesn’t mention this incident. Suetonius talks about the people of Nemausus overturning his statues and bust( 13), him getting angry over Augustus images not being respected. “He vetoed bills for the dedication of temples and priests to his divinity, and reserved the right to sanction even the setting up of his statues and busts-which might not be placed among the images of the gods, but lodged in temples merely as adornments” (26). Then a man was accused of decapitating an image of Augustus (58)

    Tiberius did abolish foreign cults at Rome, particularly the Egyptian and Jewish (36) but failed to name Decius Mundus as the cause like he named Nemausus. He wouldn’t held back at this sex scandal because Suetonius wrote that Tiberius had babies lick his groin and breast, had Atalanta perform fellatio.

    Suetonius states that Tiberius abolished the cults of Egyptian/Jewish cults on the pretext of drafting military age men into the army.

    Josephus states that two men both named Saturninus complained to Tiberius that their wives Fulvia and Paulina had sex with a Roman Decius Mundus pretending he was Anubis. “But punished a greater number of them, who were unwilling to become soldiers on account of keeping the laws of their forefathers”. William Whiston notes on this is “contrary by one branch of the history before us”.

    Furthermore, the two named Saturninus was a pun on Saturnalia were masters and slaves exchanged roles which Mundus does as Anubis, a time of gift giving and License. This was a festival of Saturn from which Christmas originated. Therefore Paulina & Fulvia are not only symbolic of Isis and her sister but Mary and Elizabeth.

    Well I’ve written to long and let me end now. Please write back I might have more Q’s in the future.

    Andre Austin

    Note: Your timeline is wrong when you apply Caligula to a beast at Rev 13:15. The Red dragon is Nero talked about in Rev 12 going after a pregnant woman is Nero kicking to death his pregnant wife Poppaea to death. This same dragon (Nero) in Rev 13 gives power and authority to two beast Vespasian and Titus to make war against the Jews please see Shakespeare’s Secret messiah By Joe Atwill p. 306-307.

    Nero didn’t kill Paul it was Domitian

    Suetonius calls Titus “a second Nero” and Titus is 666 in his greek name of teitan