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Jan 29, 2001
My sista,

Your heart is both full, and heavy ~
these words are for your eyes
and your soul to read

Inside, your body still quakes from
the depths of love's touches...

"and after we touch, then what?"
still echoes in cascading spirals through
your mind....

Even now, as you read, you can feel
the intensity of your bodies as the fountains
of waters within you erupted...burst forth...

your first baptism ~

and you remember the swirling, delicious dizziness,
like being atop a tornado's funnel....never
touching down...

My sista, you've been blessed with kisses
that shall never dry, every place he
touched his lips upon your skin

You've been opened, dear one...
You've been held in the arms of the one
who shares your very soul...

and it was ....(only you can know)

There isn't any cure for your full and heavy heart
This beauty isn't often experienced in many lifetimes...

You were chosen to know the texture, the scent, the all encompassing nature of real have been to
the head of the fountain of mysteries

And you are now MORE of you, because you are ONE with him...

neither of you shall ever be the sista

Now go and write the words....

alyce, 2001


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