Black People : Let's Talk about Saving the Black Community from the "Pre-Planned Economic Crash coming soon!!!!!!!!

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    owner of various real estate concerns
    From infancy to elder status,
    there are machinations,
    planned in advance from Washington,
    Wall street, The Prison Idustrial Complex,
    and the military Industrial Complex, to desimate the
    Black community , like slowly cooking a frog in water, it is used to and gradually turning up the heat, one degree each minute.

    Policies to remove prenatal care services, nutritional couseling, have been on paper since Reagan and are now being implemented, at a time when folks in thecommunity, rarely have the energy to help each other,
    working 2 jobs to pay for what one job would cover.
    City hospitals closing, heath clinics, are being shut down in all of our communites in the 50 states.
    By toddlr age, the parent faces cuts in headstart, and day care programs

    By school age, school closings!

    After school and college, , many degree required skilled professions have been and will be outsouced,
    and the daughter or son left with a tuitin bill bigger then some motgages.

    At the work place, and the 12 year whitling away of affirmtiv action,
    racists, can return to their former hiring and firing policies with impunity,,
    and with a renewed hope that unions and ple bargaining protection in the North will be desimated as it has been in the south.

    At present there is practically no real adjustments, reamortization, or debt moratorium on folks swindled by subprime mortgages,
    found to be illegal by 42 state district attorneys

    And by the time one gets old, there is no need to reiterate, the nightmare planned for elders, with the rising pharmaceutucal costs,
    codex alimetarius, to block alternative wholistic therapies and protocols, ,
    the ending in many states of senior, recreation centers, discounts, and transportatn benefits, and the cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare,
    that will come with the new Blue Dawg or GOP presidency in 2012

    The oligarchy has a focus and a plan,

    when do we have ours?
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    Few exercise foresight and wisdom, only acting when hindsight and calamity are 20/20.