Black People : Let's talk about creating real power.


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Jun 19, 2004
This is another part of and essay from my book.

I brought this topic up because of what's going on with Iran and the western world right know. What you are withnessing is a people who know a major part of their dominance lays with their technology particularly their weapons technology. Europeans no when it is all said and done they can always threaten other nations with their military might. So the thought of another nation particularly a nation outside of their western family. Beginning to devolop weapons that could be a potential threat to their dominance. Europeans are quick to act and the funny thing is how their using a black woman to tell another dark nation to stop their research.

This is and interesting article I got from MSN news it is a response from Iran's nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani.

Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, said the Russian proposal that the two nations enrich uranium in Russian territory could not ignore Iran's right to carry out enrichment at home.

"It's not logical for a country to put the fate of its nation at the disposal of another country even if it's a friend. You can meet part of your fuel needs from abroad," Larijani said on state-run television late Sunday.

"History and experience show that if you don't have technology, you will damage your independence," he said.

Larijani also warned of a "crushing" response if its nuclear and military facilities were attacked by the U.S. or Israel.

"If there is any truth in such talks, Israel will suffer greatly. It's a very small country within our range," he said.

You hear that people he said not even if they are friends. These people are talking about developing power. They don't want to just get along with our love everyone. These people have looked at history and recognize that just because you are on friendly terms with another nation. Our just because someone may love you today that love may not be there for you tommorrow. I've been telling this to black people for about three years know. We want to talk about conspiracies but what we have to recognize as a people is that a nation does not act on conspiracy theories. A nation prepares themselves based on the copassity of their enemies. You heard them you could be on good terms with a nation, but as soon as that nation develops something that can destroy you. You as a nation act on that potential threat. Not on whether are not you think the other nation will use it against, are is planning to use it against you.

You understand what I'm saying black folks it should move us that whites have the copassity to destroy us with aids and other diseases. Forget about whether are not these people are plotting to kill us. Are if there is a major plan to destroy us with these diseases. We should be moved by the fact that in the year 2005 black people as a nation was completely unprepared to rescue and save our people in the gulf coast. Whether Bush and the United States Govt. reacted slowly are if Bush really does hate us is not the point.
We have not developed the power as a group to defend ourselves from these onslaught should be our major outcry. So here is part of my essay on power.

Please let me know what you guys think. I'm seriously thinking about writing a book.

I want to talk about power today and by the end of our meeting. I want us to come up with a clear definition of what power is. We need to relearn what real power is and how power must be used in order for a group to not only sustain themselves on this earth, but how a group uses it’s power to mold and manipulate people to act and respond in ways that will not only insure that the powerless group will remain powerless but the powerless group by their very own action are inactions will give their power away and in the long run will never be able to organize themselves in any real copassity to change their situation around. The powerless group will go around in circles trying to figure out what is going wrong..They will continue to use the same tactics and beliefs that has failed them and will continue to fail them. The powerless group will talk about their so called progress and how things have gotten better. They will read all types of statics and numbers to prove this point. But at the end of the day the powerless group will still be sitting around scratching their heads and asking themselves what is going on why are we still suffering? They will list a slew of their problems and will try to solve their social problems again with the same old tired beliefs and tactics…You hear all the time we need more opportunities to succeed, the schools our children attend are ill equipped..My favorite argument is the issue of morality you know the whole argument that Mr. Cosby and his elk make…Poor blacks are lazy and they don’t talk right and they dress inappproiately… You know I want to ask blacks who continue to make the argument that our social problems would be addressed if only we got our act together..and went to college and black men became better fathers and all of the other bull**** they keep feeding us with..Know before I go on I don’t want to make it look like I don’t believe that some of these things don’t need to change in our communities….My point is this the problems that we talk so much about in our communities does not stem from our inabilities are any moral defiences what so ever in black people..The problems that continue to persists all throughout the African world flows from one constant and that is our very own powerlessness…That’s right it comes from the fact that we do not have the power to keep other groups from imposing their power on us and creating the social problems we have “Period”. You can call it what you want but you can have 100% of black men graduating from colleges and universities and blackmen could become excellent fathers to their children. We could speak perfect English and dress in away that is considered professional 24/7 and we will still be sitting where were sitting today….Because the group in power has created social and political institutions that will socialize us in away that our very own actions will destroy us no matter how good it may look are make us feel..

The first reality the powerless group must face is that they are a dominated people and that alone means that they will have social problems…Because domination in itself is a social problem particular for the dominated group…The dominated group will have social problems and those problems will show up in all different forms and ways…So if the dominated are powerless group continue to only deal with their social problems as merely that and not deal with the root cause then you will find that the powerless group will go on forever dealing with the same problems year afther year afther year..
They will continue to chase and try to deal with the symptoms like segregation and ineguality. They will fix one problem and then another one will surface are resurface.


Feb 26, 2005
Good post and congratulations on your book. :)

What are your suggestions for getting the power back?

Dual Karnayn

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Nov 5, 2005
The first step in re-gaining the power we lost and increasing it is to gain some form of control over our own media.

The is no reason Black people shouldn't control one of the single digit channels from 2-9.

I'm talking one of the major television networks like CBS, NBC, or ABC generally found on VHF.

Hell, even Univision has leaped off of cable and on to broadcast television.


Feb 26, 2005
Dual Karnayn said:
The first step in re-gaining the power we lost and increasing it is to gain some form of control over our own media.

The is no reason Black people shouldn't control one of the single digit channels from 2-9.

I'm talking one of the major television networks like CBS, NBC, or ABC generally found on VHF.

Hell, even Univision has leaped off of cable and on to broadcast television.

I agree.

Television is a very influential force. Most of the time it's been in existence it has perpetuated negative stereotypes about the black community. However, just like any other form of media it could also be used for good... we just haven't found a way to utiilze this power yet.

So what blueprints could be created to start being in the position of power of owning & operating television stations? What can the average individual black person do?


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Jun 19, 2004
karmashines said:
Good post and congratulations on your book. :)

What are your suggestions for getting the power back?[/QUOTE
karmashines said:

Thank you, I've still have not decided on whether or not I should try to write a book. I just have somethings I've written down into essays they are just from my thoughts.

I have a couple of suggestions that we can look at to start reestablishing ourselves into a people who main goal is to gain real power. I think the first thing we have to consider is that African people concept of power has been purposely perverted in a way that not only disencourage us from rightfully pursuing it. We have also been made to believe that to pursue it is inherently evil and unrighteous. We have also been lead to believe that Africans inherently do not have what it takes to gain any real power in this modern time. And if we did somehow gain any real power than naturally things would go astray. Somehow if we were in control of ourselves than the only result that would come out of this is that we would fail miserably, and whites would have to come and save us again. So the only conclusion for some of us is to leave white men in charge. Last but not least is the fact that so many of us have come to define power through the eyes of the very same people who abuse and manipulate us. You see this with alot of our so-called successful blacks. The idea that we are somehow going to merge with others in a so-called colorless society is a myth and will lead us to destruction. These type of fantasies will continually lead us to failure and is a major reason why Africans have not effectively created any real power structure in the modern world today.

You ask me what our some of my suggestions on gaining real power, but in all honesty that question is far to simplistic. Because it is not a question that could be correctly answered with a one or two answer reply. I think a better question African people must begin to ask ourselves is. Our we ready to do what it takes to begin the long and tedious process of having to gain real power. Have we prepared our youth in the kind of way that they are committed and ready to make the sacrifaces that will have to be required in this task. My first suggestion is this if we want to create real power as a people we must first recognize that we are not the same as white people are any other race of people for that matter. I know we as blacks have been made comfortable by some myth that says that we are all the same the only difference from us is the color of our skin. Know in someways that statement is true, but in all honesty just look at wants going on in the world. Can you honestly say that African people are the same as europeans are asians. So why do other people want to make us feel comfortably with this myth. I heard some young whites on CNN today speaking about Martin Luther King Jr. They were all saying the samething "We are all the same the only difference is the color of our skin." You know whites who say this may be sincere and truly believe that. But how is that believe going to feed African people? How is that going to protect us and supply jobs for our children? You see race and ethnicity is not just some game. It is what a people use to guide themselves in this world. It is what they use to get what they want in this world and how they project themselves into a future that they want for themselves. It is want a people use as a resource to manipulate earth and time. So why are other races laying this junk on us. Is this just another game being played on the African so other races can continue to use us for our human and natural resources.

This brings you all to my first suggestion if Africans truly want to establish real power. Our first task is to re-educate ourselves and start to deal with who we are as a people. We have to commit ourselves to this task our children must stop believing this myth that we are all the same as other races. This is a myth and is not true. We must stopping wishing and begging for equality from other people. This type of education has severely handicapped us as a people.
I was looking at Real Sports on HBO, and the had did a piece with Jackie Robinson Jr. son. He was living in Africa with his wife they stayed in a small hut with their children. One of things that they were discussing in the interview was how these big corporations was making all of these profits from African coffee beans, but the African farmers were living in pure poverty. The interview went in the same direction these type of situations goes when Africans are faced with this kind of dilema. Mr. Robinson III. answer is no different let's compromise and deal with them peacefully to come up with something that we both can benefit from. He was working with lawyers and some corporations I believe to come up with some type of arrangements. But we can discuss that situation anothertime because one of the things that stuck out to me was when they interviewed his children. The interviewers had ask his children about their grandfather Jackie Robinson Jr. They asked the kids what do you think about your grandfather and what is it that he did that stands out most to you. All of the children replied basically with the same answer. "He stood out to me because he showed the world that we are all equals." This is what they all said in their own words of course, but this is the point they kept bringing up. My grandfather showed the world, "which in code words mean he showed white people that we are all equal."

Know let's look at this situation a little bit more closely and then I will make my point. Here you have a people who are starving on their own land and another people is using there resources and making billions of dollars from it. Know the europeans have setup in your country and have setup away of doing business where the African will be excluded from actively participating in any real business commerce. These people have established power and have stratigically used there power as a group to stong arm another people in their own country. I say stratigically because the undertone of the story was to make the notion that what was going on to the Africans with the coffee industry was simply just based on racism. Know althrough that is true my goal is to get Africans to see that racism and how we have been made to define it as just so immoral, illogical feeling that particular people of a different race may have towards another race. This is really not a good definition of what racism is. On some level that definition is correct but when you really look at it takes a whole race of people to practice racism. I'm getting off subject so I will explain that statement another time. But back to what I was saying these people have taken over your country though hostile takeover and know they have put you in a position where you will continue to be underdeveloped as a people. Yet we are teaching our children in away that there goals and purpose in life is to get these people to see us as equals.

We must have a serious death wish as a people. Whites will say that we are all the same and we are all equal. But do you really believe they have the power they have and the control over our lives and resources by educating their children that they are the same and equal to other races of people?
Let's change the situation around suppose Africans where in europe and we were stong arming europeans the sameway they are strong arming us. Do you think these people based on their history would find comfort in the fact that we saw them as equals? Do you think they would educate their young in away that their highest aspirations in life was to have Africans look at them and not see their color. Would they honor and give praise to their leaders who supported this type of nonsense?

You see before we start talking about creating real power we have to re-educate ourselves on who and want we are. We have to look at our history and recognize the mistakes we have made and move on that knowledge.
Our children must be taught in away that deals with their reality. We can no longer continue to have our children believe in myths and fairytales. We must educate our children in away that prepares them to solve our problems as a people. We should not want to educate our children so they can be on par are equal to other races. Forget about standerdized tests and all of the BS statistics they throw at us. Our education must be designed to effectively prepare us to solve our problems. So that means our children for the first few years of their educational experience might have to go to school 10 to 12 months out of the year. They might have to stay in a particular grade level two years. They may have classes over and hour long instead of the normal 45 mins. We should not be guaging our success as a people based on other people standards. Those standards were not designed to solve the problems we have as a people.

For example we complain about how we as a people don't co-operate and share and do business with one another. We all no that this is not a natural trait that a people have to be co-operative with one another. It is something that a race of people is taught through folklore and formal education. So if this is a problem that Africans have and we know we do. We can look at our history and recognize that this behavior was something that was further instigated and engrained into our minds. By outsiders who recognized that it would be much easier to manipulate and exploit a people if they did not trust one another and could not rely on one another. So this type of behavior was rewarded and praised to a certain extent and it has become a part of us till this day. So know that we recognize that this type of behavior exist in our communities and it is a major problem that help keep us from even starting to come together and creating real power. Then why don't we add to our childrens cirriculum a class that will reteach us co-operative economics and pride in our race. I don't mean simply just being black and proud. I'm talking about real race pride based around real and pratical concepts. And by no means I'm saying we should look at others as being inferior are evil.

I think that may be one way we can go about creating real power in this world. I' ll talk more but I want to get a response back from you guys. I hope I answered your question correctly.

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