Science and Technology : Lets Learn about Genetic Human Editing. So what happened to Mrs. Lacks doesn't happen again.


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Apr 17, 2018
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A cell goes through stages like most things in life but cells contain power, also where the word "nuclear" is derived from, an entire universe within it. During its mytosis there are six stages called the six stages of mitosis and just when man thinks he knows god )))):scatter::scatter::scatter::scatter::scatter::scatter: (((( Henrietta Lacks shows them god. Her unique genes are not so unique to original people as her cells have astonished the pale man. He studies, and studies some more and test and research, this is called the genome but Lacks cells, similar to ours is not just a collection of genes like a helix ladder, under a super-microscope the dna is highly complex involving multiple layered chromosomes arranged like pearls in a string.


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