Black People : Let's Give Our Babies A Fighting Chance!

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by carlhurd, Dec 10, 2002.

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    As I read the many post and participate in as many discussion groups a possible. I have noticed a pattern that isn’t pretty. I find us to be some of the most versed and intelligent people in this country. There are so many brothers and sisters who express themselves so wonderfully. The reason I write this is to say that a lot of times we are seem to be unfocused, there have still been and still continue to be so much injustice in this country and even in our neighborhood among ourselves.

    Now if you feel anything like me at times I feel that our generation have not been properly trained to fight our battles as a people. I also feel at times personally cheated of my rightful inheritance of a fair education, financial education loving solid family etc….

    I am not saying this to really complain or blame, but what I am seeing now that all the drama that has been in my life and wounds that still need to be healed, we need to really start focusing on our babies, children youth.

    We need to make sure as much as we can to not let the majority of our children suffer the emotional, financial, legal, mental, and sometimes physical, trauma that many of us have been through. I am not saying that we can protect them from every thing what I am saying is that let’s give them and provide for them all the tools that we can, let’s make sure that our children have the chance that they deserve.

    For those of you who are married with children and going through things with your mate, you need to get over yourselves and think about the position you hold as parents, you need to do what ever it takes to keep your family together, and stop pointing fingers at each other our problems are larger than you. For those of you who are raising
    children on your own you need to, make sure and utilize everything in your power not to let your sons or daughters go through the things that you are going through. For those who do not have children but plan to, make sure you have yourselves together before you have children, it is a tremendous responsibility. If we start refocusing our attention for our children’s sake we might can stop the generational curse that has been plaguing us for so long.

    I don’t care if you have a degree our sweep side walks for a living. We need to refocus for our future. What are we leaving them? Where are they going to be 20–30 years from now? Many of us will still be around if we do not start today to establish a solid foundation for them and stop running to the government for everything, and also start looking closely at our black organizations agendas, then we will have to look in their faces and they will be struggling on many levels just as we are and still scratching their heads saying WHAT HAPPEN???. We are adult’s longer than we are children at least most of us are.

    Ecclesiastes 9:4

    For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: FOR A LIVING DOG IS BETTER THAN A DEAD LION!

    Who am I just another brother trying to figure it out like the rest of us!

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    I feel we have depended on the government too much also. They are part of the reason our families have self-destructed.
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    Well stated passionate post!

    I would have to add, though, that the parents often need help identifying the root and causes of many of their ills which spill over into their relationships and parenting.
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    AMEN! Ase! and Right On! The difficulty many parents have in giving to their children more than they had themselves, is selfishness. Too often I hear people say that since they went through it and survived, their children will too. Selfishness. Othertimes, some parents don't seem to get the whole point that children are still developing and require a higher level of care, LOVE, and attention then adults do. Babies are too often treated like little adults who have to man up and face the world, years before they are emotionally and psychologically ready.

    And knowing that we all have issues from our own upbringing, we must lay aside false pride and reach for guidance. There is no shame in admitting that our homes may have been lacking in love, or care, or even in some cases the basic necessities of life. If we were born into those circumstances we can learn and educate ourselves about how to create new patterns within our own families. But we have to want it, no one can want it for you.
    Anyways, great post - I support your words.