Black Poetry : Let's Find Us A Sniper...Let's Find Us A Terrorists (please complete)

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    Mar 19, 2001
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    Let's find us a sniper
    in faulty foreign policy
    sending "unrich" kids
    to fight for america's fallacy

    dreams riddled with bullets
    while sitting in the churches pulpit
    / four blak girls / caught in the crosshairs
    of one of america's personalities

    Let's find us a sniper/ in the
    evil spirit of timothy mcveigh
    america's "typical boy" gone bad
    /with the blood of government(al) and
    forefathers running through his veins

    Let's find us a sniper...
    on european ships when shipping
    blak bodies to the new world
    / african women/ men/ boys/ girls/
    shea buttered down to be sold
    before the sequel to hell was to unfold

    Let's find us a terrorists on the front
    of currency / wanted picture's/ of
    criminals who we cherish...
    cause we got to pay sam's taxes/
    another a top hat
    and pimp suit...

    (this ain't finished ya'll feel free)
  2. Kitana

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    Aug 17, 2001
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    under the sun

    I admire the depth of your thoughts and the way you transfer them into words...

    "dreams riddled with bullets"...sooo very true, every day in so many ways...

  3. Nia Maishani

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    Nov 22, 2001
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    Displaced at the Junction of Hoosiers and Bluegras
    Let's do this...

    Let's find us a terrorists...
    but where shall we begin
    the list is so long at home
    let he who is without sin
    cast the first stone

    Let's find us a madman
    to strike terror in Sudan
    by bombing the Al-Shifa plant
    then illness massacres inhabitants

    Let's find us a xenophobe
    to act as the terror probe
    by telling cold-blooded lies
    "that white van has mid-east ties"

    Let's find us a terrorists
    who pins blame where it does not exist
    "Guantanamo detainees are behind this new strike"
    busy pointing that-a-way as the next victim is sniped.

    Let's find us a terrorists
    who talk of the Tarot card
    but did not the true villains
    do the same isht in vietnam?

    (the search *for Truth* continues...)

    Respect, my Brother blak
  4. j'hiah

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    Mar 3, 2001
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    lend me some sugar.. l am your neighbor
    let's find us a sniper
    for once i would have been that sniper
    assuring J.Edgar Hoover's split dome through the windshield wipers....

    and then governor George Wallace's tainted blood at the entrance of UA

    l'd await a crooked cop coming out of the doughnut shop and then
    :bazooka: "pop!!"

    concentrated infrared while the crafty politician's rallying in his campaign
    and suddenly
    l erase from the earth his whole **** name and flee in my black van...

    i'm your sniper
  5. $$RICH$$

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    Mar 21, 2001
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    BUSINESS owner
    yeah let get us a sniper
    a foolish hitman
    killing at will just 4 da feel
    let get us a terrorists
    a sudan // bin
    as da flight bomber rush
    cross sea to set
    American free
    da inside show
    of da VA. sniper working
    our yard leaving hints
    of broken glass
    let catch dis ***
    yet let get a terrorists // sniper
    all three must be defeated
    keep rolling as i pass dis on
    next sing dis song
  6. Da Street So'ja

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    Jun 11, 2001
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    yo verb

    great piece

    i have bets on this sniper will NOT be caught

    have you ever heard of espionage?

    this will blow over just like Anthrax

    remember My piece
    Behold Your Future

    the last line is

    mission impossible

    and my other piece
    from Washington State to Atlanta, Georgia says in the second verse sez some strange **** is gonna start happening and that was written 4 months ago my **** still stands

    and you once again have a Master Piece

  7. Bishop

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    Jan 29, 2001
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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Chickens have come home to roost....we are now experiencing what we've sent our own CIA to do in other countries.....Retribution against the atrocities we've caused in the past....What goes around comes around......Vengeance is here!
  8. Legacy21

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    Jun 25, 2001
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    Detroit, MI
    I am so feeling THIS!!! I gotta add my piece to it man!

    Let's find us a terrorist in the form of 400 years oppression
    Who blames others for the economic regression and continental depression
    Terrorists be in session on Capitol Hill
    Getting a great big thrill off bringing the pain to you
    At the cost of drops of your children's innocent blood
    Flooding airwaves and brainwaves with American propaganda
    Pandered to politically powerless peoples
    Enslaved by capitalistic culprits cunning countless minds on corporate plantations
    The math they don't want you to figure out
    Equates to this
    He who controls human interests
    Controls world interest
    In stocks and bonds
    Which generates capital
    For the Capitol
    And he who has these capitals
    Has the power to control your world
    To reshape your reality and your mind
    So yes let's finds us a terrorist
    Whose name ain't bin Laden
    Cuz it's your government that's been plottin
    Been bombin
    Been stealin
    Been killin
    Been lyin
    Been hiding
    Behind the mask of patriotism
    Where politrick-tians masquerade for the mindless media
    Who masters you
    Yes the TV is your all knowing source of misinformation
    Misconceptions mutilating and murdering the Truth
    You buy in , you sell out
    To the convoluted convictions of Americanism
    Caught up in the bars and stripes of your prison sentence
    To this country that waves a banner stained with your ancestors blood
    Blinded by Hollywood stars
    In this cast of political pawns
    Trapped in a game of international chess
    Where the next move is undetermined by your own choice
    You have surrendered your voice to the Puppet Master
    You let him speak for you
    Strategically place you in peril
    This war is not in the name of God, but is a scheme of the Devil
    So yes let's find us a terrorist
    Whose religion is not Islam
    This **** sure ain't no Holy War
    The seeds of Abraham have risen against one another
    Isaac and Ishmael
    Cousins killing cousins
    Blood relations engaging in generational devastation
    Only to have a third party nation
    Step in and keep the ruckus going
    So the money and oil can keep flowing
    Into their pockets
    Launching missiles and rockets
    Targeted not in the pursuit of peace
    But dollars, and more dollars
    Confounding us all from simple men to scholars
    Christians and Muslims are even at odds
    Don't you know you both serve the same God
    Just different names
    You've all been caught up in the game of religion
    Shackled to doctrines that cause division
    The whole world is being twisted and tricked
    Terrorized by the lawmakers, who really are the lawbreakers
    The soul takers
    The profit from the people makers
    Let's find us some real terrorists
    And put them in their graves
    Or remain enslaved to this mockery of democracy
    This whore of mass hypocrisy
    Let's Chant Babylon Down
    Let's start a Revolution Now
    Let's Get our Minds Right
    Let's Stand Up and Fight
    And if we Must Die
    Then Let Us Die Free
    Show and Prove
    That all can have Liberty, Justice, and Equality
  9. mkhaya lo'

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    Dec 1, 2001
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    Rand Park Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa.
    A "looking in" perspective

    I think from a non American point of view its more possible to see the opposed to when your "in" that situation...I don't want to make enemies on this forum..but then again Mkhaya lo' has never given three [email protected]#ts, about being liked as opposed to telling the truth..Generally speaking, I find Americans very ignorant of world politics and where America fits in the whole bigger Picture. I think a lot of times AMericans are fed the misconceptions that they are the only people on the planet and that America is the World-hence when anything Happens in America you'll hear Bush and other Americans say this is a World tragedy that has threatened world peace???...I don't think so, Bali has its own problems to face right now, In the Ivory Coast (West Africa) all hell is breaking loose despite and its on the verge of war again after negotiations...The phillipines...America forms part and parcel of a WOrld threat against peace...prominence can't be given to one above the other, unless like I said before your an Average American who's never even watched any international television on what's happening in the world what am I saying about the sniper...its bad! flippin' bad...they should be caught and put away! I'd feel that way if it was happening in ANY country in the world because anyone who threatens the security of people from moving about freely is a sick and twisted person. And they don't necessarily have to a of Indian and Arab might be an angry person out there Targetting black people, white people any kind of person. I"m a journalist and I've covered yesterday's sniper attack in Montgomery County where the bus driver was killed, and that made leading news in our news bulletin..and frankly I thought that's the reality of the matter right now...but I'm in now way diluting the severity of the matter...but stepping out of the circle and taking off the blinkers, its really not something that can't be brought under control by the don't get so dramatic...yes Thirteen people have died. But when you are living in Africa like I am, it pales in comparison..

    lo' on a truth tip

    ..AND NO AM NOT ANTI-AMERICAN!!! Quite the opposite really, but I think lets not only have a "us this..we this..." lets just deal with the problem.
  10. lpoet

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    Feb 18, 2002
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    now i could make this like a page long post cause like everyone
    i feel very deeply about this issue

    this was a great poem