Black Poetry : Lets Do it Again


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May 11, 2006
The hot tempts kill my code right now on Kempsville road I see
A pure hot girl I sure wanna rock her world good guess there be
No cure the way my brain hurl like a lame squirrel it climbs a tree
Now see juice try to seduce no excuse not to try and get some
A cutie with booty and a nice twist wanna entice with a kiss thumbs
Up my mind about to become undone and jest have fun, got involved
In a love triangle and in the club strangle listening to a gossip job
So it’s proper to stay like DOCTOR DRE OF NWA misled blinging but
I “Keep Their heads ringing” while singing ding ding dong in the cut
Never robbed the street like MOBB DEEP I’m a “Shook One”
Wow this could be “Lady's Night” this could be some twisty fun
Need to find MISSY,ANGIE AND LIL KIM and chill with them some
Ring crazy bells and like MARY WELLS “You Beat me to the Punch”
Soon gonna eat lunch, probably sardines with bizarre queens crunch
To damage a bunch of sandwiches I’m on a bike cats have no hunch
Want a girl tonight on my pearl white bike I see one on a trike with
Drag pipes need to change her tag light, can’t read the number swift
On the throttle ready to lift a bottle of spring water while my bling
Slaughter eyes I hope you got your shades on could end up a ding
Dong dumb and blind from the shine something else come to mind
Need a chick quick so I can stick some love words in her ear fine
To the bone the kind you take home to mom and introduce, dine
And wine in the living room giving bloom to an affair perfect design
getting bomb rush by others and like THE COLD CRUSH
BROTHERS it’s the “Weekend” so I freak in the wind and girls blush
Can’t play with hater now headed to AJ GATORS on WITCH DUCK
ROAD had to switch up the load in my saddle bags so I itch for luck
Riding a white bike I like because it excite me what a site to see
A soul brother and bold lover on a SUPER GLIDE with scooter pride gee
Lyrics smooth as spirits move helmet a true fit for the wind free-
wheeling only do it when I begin my route to the bar spend days
When at AJ’S throttle my bike clutch a bottle of hype and stays
On the road, had an urge got mad and emerged with a mouth full
Of words saw a girl with breasts that thrill and dressed to kill pull
Out my book of love talk no doubt hooked on her club walk this
Could be a new beginning with a true ending and of course a kiss
To be thrown in, I bet at home she spin her boyfriend head around
With one tonguing kiss he knew it was cumming to this, the renowned
Passion grows like fashion shows done with the rest wanna have fun
With her breasts even the sun bless her body, prefer to party one
Day at my home jest the two of us alone, well at any rate she’s phat
With plenty cake and many wanna take home a slice even them hot
shots in drop tops with the roof missing the truth is twisting my plot
Have plans and wishes already washed the pans and dishes at home
And that alone buys me a conversation with a chick so I’m strong
With domination quick one hug sincere can put a bug in her ear
And we’ll head home to be in bed alone and I’ll be fed bones here
In the bedroom

Look boo we here at AJ GATORS wanna slay haters but too many they
Do plenty harm but I want you in my arms lips all red we can stay
At my place know you got phat lace I’m a cat that will chase love
Any minute to see what’s in it for me you dig? It’s a race for a hug
Now we here on WITCH DUCK ROAD had to stitch up my code solid
With Pick up lines so boo you a chick with butt and fine the hydraulics
Are working bet you do bizarre twerking got flavor this is a cafeteria
Kiss never inferior, brisk and superior and stay sick like diphtheria
Use random quotes can’t abandon hopes a winner sincere and
knowledge enter here through our ear we listen and this demand
kissing at the same time because you a dame and fine so I came
online to do just that, I’ve really became like T-Pain and he blame
it’s on the alcohol now my head twisted around like CHRIS BROWN
it’s something in this liquor making it thicker this really could hound
me tonight, so I grip a cup and won’t sip and that suck boo, this is
a bundle of truth must duck that jungle juice like alka Seltzer it fizz
and that the way it is, with every touch need your body very much
I use short words and all sorts out verbs so boo look what I did and
I’m not even a whiz-kid but it’s making me strong so my plan
Is to be taken on new challenges that balances my life but need
Spice in my world and a nice girl could add milk to my coffee proceed
In silk killing me softly with your party body girl, so follow my lead
Let me git a date and some legit cake that’ll make my day boo
Need luck hot and sincere or the buck stop here what you gonna do
“no what you wanna do?” get a cake date before you escape I know
You get hot and stay wet a lot and I never forget the G-Spot there flow
The juice, so my hormones grow and produce love talk anatomy
taught in academy of rap my strategy is to trap a mad spree
Of chicks, now boo you got fresh milk and you breasts in silk see
Your lips read and make my mind trip about the bed your quilt be
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May 11, 2006
taught in academy of rap my strategy is to trap a mad spree
Of chicks, now boo you got fresh milk and your breasts in silk see
Your lips red and make my mind trip about the bed your quilt be
Wet, so boo you got wet pies so let me advise you about our fate
With cake, so boo do you have a boyfriend? “maybe” won’t debate
That so look I strongly bling and the only thing that’s a worse flop
Is to thirst a lot for love I get props in the club the illness won’t stop
Living plush and as cold as driven slush got a crush on you as hot
Blood rush through my vein I do claim to be in love with you a lot
girl your stuff is alive just Want enough to survive this horny attack
it’s a corny act I must say and it’s that’s bugging me but no crack
My gift is mad and if I had you boo we could go places, can’t make
A Mistake wanna stay in cake so give me a break girl be great
To me I hate to see us go our separate ways and it’s getting late
So my bike sparkling hot in the parking lot plus marking its spot
With a slight oil leak so tonight can’t spoil my sweet chance for hot
Unique Romance we can go party boo nobody do it like us feel me?


But you best oil your chance or you can spoil a romance right
Off the bat here at AJ GATORS to find girl advance your sight
Borrow some glasses tomorrow’s classes can be about you
Not gonna throw my wet panties in the air just to get a true
Affair and I have on a pair and they’re silk and boys aware
Of milk when I drop them I’ll swap them for dry ones, care
About the wetness, and if things get twisty gonna run and
Talk to CHRISSY real quick, if you have a jar of kisses and plans
Then keep the lid tight because I’m out here at midnight like
CINDERELLA leaving my glass slipper and fast like stripper yipe!
I’m naked and boy can take it so I’m gone home alone and hot
don’t want to become involved with a dumb slob that will not
make my day and plus I got cake anyway and baked to say
I’m booty licious a cutie suspicious but keep them boys at bay
In the room a boy may put on a tune that’s great want perfume
and cake but he’s soon a groom to be to another chick kaboom!
I’m gone see you later alligator or after while crocodile and they
Both reptiles I need help with my style he still want some no way
HOSEA so go lay with another chick, in the bar it’s a riot to think
Can’t have a quiet drink, even a cola can be Ebola a disease stink
But a kiss can please my pink panties doe that a girl can realize
Ok my body wet and I party yet control my passion and exercise
Bold fashion in clothes, I loop ropes and like a group of folks wise
When I travel and begin on gravel you wanna unravel my dress
And babble about my breasts, boys want some a girl can’t rest
begin to flirt and when I work my butt well it’s a twerk I guess
I’m able tod kiss so label this “the girl with the red hot lips caress
My waist wanna test my lace suggest you find a place to do all
That, lots of jazz I see but as for me except for kiss in the club yall
every now and then I still somehow win men it begin with love talk
You a clever kid feel as good as you ever did but wanna sever the lid
On my jar of love plus you have a car with dub but do the top drop wid
The accessories or do we live under a roof my body firm and hot and
boy can learn a lot if he just turn the key in my lock and open this can
Of sweet fruit and I stand unique and cute with a booty and stuff
Can’t account for corrupt flirts, any amount of butt work is enough
to land a girl in bed, boy’s world is fed tongue after that the huff
and puff begin while he’s yelling oh baby boo and stuff he jest go
crazy on it, so bring a rose to me that’s the way it suppose to be no
strings attached or have chicken wings dispatch at my crib that’s jest
women lib,wanna be licking my thighs like them chicken fries impress
folks over at Burger King, love is the sound of melody and hope it
don’t compound a felony wanna be down like BILL BELAMY wit
a legit playboy club huh?, you shatter my ears when rapping but no
matter what happen, shown a renown scheme and your flow
is that of a hometown team you’ve gone down town for cream
so you have dream eyes and I have cream pies that will steam
in slices, you wanna hug cakes and love make such fools of folks
and it’s too much to school with jest quotes so I don’t rock the boat
many kinds of folks some divine and dope boy want butters I say nope
and so on they go strong with the love talk a thug walked right up
to me,asked for some, I said let me think my thing wet and pink but
no dice, even though my juices flow nice can’t grow rice with weak
words, on the streets heard stuff about boys falling in love with sweet
chicks my panty cake are like candidates boys wanna vote on who
gonna Tote my books to school they mistook the rule of my true
love a loner Not a donor but a hot owner of cakes. Hot and intense
could be a lot of expense later in life and AJ GATORS is nice convinced
of this


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May 11, 2006
wow no college foot-ball games in Virginia Beach tonight and that suck cox cable is not all they cracked up to be, look my television rights been taken away illegally my programs been kidnap to make this brief feel like a thief has high jacked my college game this is terrible on any tv channel


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May 11, 2006
this garbage has shook my brain no college foot ball game in Virginia Beach 10/2/2015 not phat this corrupt and that suck even a fox is able to do better than COX CABLE, now a collision through the night my television rights been hijacked I try act like it didn't happen and for a fact i can't handle these whack channels now, yeah may need DIRECT TV to protect me, the extreme hatred is starting to steam like the MATRIX can only wish and learn need to talk to LAWRENCE FISHBURNE then get on the phone talk to NEO and the ORACLE
dang some flagrant agents in suit and tie are out to get me
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May 11, 2006
Chicks my panty cake are like candidates boys wanna vote on who gonna Tote my books to school they mistook the rule of my true
Love a loner not a donor but a hot owner of cakes. Hot and intense
Could be a lot of expense later in life and AJ GATORS is nice convinced
Of this


I was at AJ GATORS another time had butter and fine and that clutter
The minds of boys that enjoys sex a lot, have a complex plot to utter
Love talk, been in fear to walk because of insincere talk from boys
And that annoys me because they have a cake appetite they enjoys
Will stay up late at night just to take a bite out of panties and that’s
Horse feathers their voice severs a girl’s ear as they beg for phat
Love on a plate one hug could be strong fate in route to the bedroom
So results online is a difficult time just to flirt and must be alert soon
To be approach by a boy and he’ll try to toy with my mind so to whom
It may concern I’m to stay and learn about love, a bar is not a club
So far hot love can be found so boys jest stand around and wanna rub
My thighs and eventually grub my pies so I have to watch my mini-
Skirt because it can fly up so I try duck hot words no props from any
Nerds, so pure rapping is sure to happen allure and trapping my heart
Love first sight is sweet boys spend nights a week in search to start
An affair some even part their hair like back in the day straight
Slick hair was in then but again style change, wild and strange debate
Follows but having cake to swallow mean a lot a girl’s cream is hot
And boys dream up plot to try and get some my body steam in shock
Some boys have a misled plan and like REDMAN its “time for some
action” see one from the hood stand tall with a plan and all but “could
it be all simple then” rapping true slang like WU-TANG CLAN real good
Smash fools as “cash rules everything around me”, dream about that
money Yall the dollar dollar bill yall, my thoughts are hot but I ought
Not tell a boy he may try and knock my boot being a hot fruit bought
Me some time doe, I guess in mini-skirt I’m a wet shocking view
Get this my net stockings are new so I strut butt softly and true
Like cup of coffee it brew, so boys sip wanna grip my hips call me boo
The fact remain a girl can act insane by giving it up quick so I jest
Take a chill pill and let the wet pressure on my treasure build, breasts
Fill with milk thrill to dress in silk when I wear a gown and use finesse
Name AJ GATORS came from Florida so I sit on the patio my body
Try party but devastated with cream fascinated at the scene can hardly
See looking toward SOUTH SIDE HARLEY DAVIDSON which is next door
And these boys want sex galore, too complex to ignore emotion soar
Like oceans in a storm got lotion on my leg and arm and love potions
Can harm if a boy add to a mad kiss, badly and gradually notions
Take control and cake become bold in the process, and my panties
Are the worse for wear sweaty down there and ready to tear candies
Pour like crazy all types of gravy now appear and somehow I must
Steer away from this because a stray kiss could lay brisk and trust
Me it can twist a girl’s brain so I’m here at AJ GATORS and some
Player haters do exist some try be creators want a true kiss dumb
To fall for that even with a ball and bat they strike out no homerun
So I stand on the balcony in a mini-skirt but not for any jerk, some
Boys rap with ease and hype now a boy drive up on a JAPANESE
Bike a SUZONDAYAMASAKI (Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha or Kawasaki)
He smile want cake but no thanks I’ll wait now this boy drives up
On a HARLEY BAGGER good golly his swagger batting a 1,000
And wilding he jest looked at my lips, breasts and hips an island
Of love appear right here at AJ GATORS my panties got wet idling
In harm’s way may end up in his arms today alarm to say the least
Potential are there essentials everywhere has a residential stare Cease
To control myself oh gosh he really wanted some he stripped me
With his eyes wanna grip my thighs and fall in between them he
Jest wanna go crazy on it for real, I must be alert of this guy don’t
Think he’ll hurt a fly but for my skirt he may try get under it won’t
Let that happen doe he’s phat rapping flow in love tones

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