Black Poetry : Let Us Rise


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Tis the month dedicated to us
But in the dreams of those pioneers we still trust
For our greatness is not bound by a month or a day
It is achieved by the things we do & the words we say
The shortest month they give us, well that’s quite alright
We can do a lot in a short time, we’re used to the fight
Let us rise & take a stand,
Help others to understand
Be proud of who you are,
for you are capable of reaching the highest star
Let us lift up one another
Let us continue to help our sisters & brothers
Purge the mentality of slavery from our mind
And know that now is our time
Lay down the drugs, lay down the guns
For there is something more important that needs to be done
Let’s take our rightful place
As a proud & noble race
Not discouraged by those who criticize
But challenged to excel & rise
Kings & Queens once were we
Should motivate us to be that which we were destined to be
And yet in our rising let’s not forget others
Who may not look like us, those that are of a different color
For the key to success is not in hating our fellowman
But it’s in lifting each other up, with a colorless hand.
and we shall rise
as the very dust
beneath determined feet
marching forward
claiming what was ours
from the foundation of
this world
and we shall rise
as the very sun
early and faithful
every dawn
and work without
our knowledge, increasing
yes, Bishop
we shall rise
in that 'great
gettin up morning'
having fought the
good fight of faith
redeemed by the blood
of the Lamb
we shall rise at the
sound of the trump
and share eternity
with the Great I AM

yes, we shall rise

thank you so much for this, Bishop!


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