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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Let Me Share This Divine Truth As Slow As I Can with Black Afrikans In America Not By Choice!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Listen Up, Beloved!!!

Beloved Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans You Are Too Passionate Forgiving Of Black Afrikans Who Traded Their Afrikanity Blackness Having No Love For Mother Afrika With No Respect For The Black Afrikan Family Nation, And Those Identifiable Afrikans Have Not Even Asked Of You For Forgiveness, They Have No Guilt Of Wrong For Being More In Love With America Than With Afrika and they will attempt to Justify that behavior of Sensual Feeling To You And We Just Grin It Off!!!

That is why we have incidents liken to that Brother Floyd was and/or is a victim of, Dying at the evil behavior of that racist Luciferian Human Being.

Watch Out How You Behave Toward Those Afrikans Who Live To Deny Their Blackness, You Know What They Say About The Sin Of Omission Is Just As Or Greater Than The Sin Of Commission, Beloved!!!

To Tolerate Evil Makes You To Become AS Evil Is, Beloved.

So Consider This Divine Truth Concerning Certain Calibers Of Black Americans Negroes:

Yes, You, Black American Woman And Man in America always crying and complaining about the way America White Racism and Unjust Prejudice is still treating your Black behind as you refuse to accept the fact that as long as you keep your Black behind in America you will be confronted by that white racist prejudice oligarchy Satanic Devilish ritualistic evil worshiping Luciferian Human Being who refuse to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors Their Reparation/Repatriation.

Bingo, Fact Remain To Be What It Is In And About Racism And Prejudice Against Black Afrikans In America Not By Choice!!!

All of you Negroes sitting with a communication Microphone in front of your mouth during your podcast program communicating to Black Afrikan people, Yes You, you are the modern-day successful stumble block sitting, standing blocking the way that leads to Black Afrikans Freedom by lying and deceiving Black Afrikans in America telling them that America is the greatest country in the world with her reputation toward Black Afrikan people, you won't even mention the issue, Reparation/Repatriation, telling Black Afrikans that a change is gonna come for the better for Black Afrikan people but no Freedom, don't you ever in your wildest imagination believe that you can change the Social Economic, Political Religious structure of America, such systems of operation rest on the solid foundation of America Racism and Prejudice, as the target is Black Afrikans Americans, you who has no more a Spiritual connection to Mother Afrika, having influence over Black Afrikans who are in need of their Freedom.

By the fact of the event of Chattel Slavery, that experience has made you become the verification of Freedom to be in Afrika again and yet here we Black Afrikans are, allowing ourselves to be influenced by ******* as Defined by white folks with a podcast microphone in front of y our mouth, other Black Americans playing professional sports, entertaining White Folks by deceiving Black Folks in America not by choice about what needs to be done to make our Living in America better, never Free, snd you negro is the Devil in Black, impersonating that white racist Luciferian Human Being having not a Mental conscious that condemn your loving white Folk Black behind when you need to be fighting for your Freedom to be in Afrika with your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation!!!

The negro flawed leaders have influence with Black Afrikan people, that has to change and it will as soon as the Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans begin to fight the war of Liberation for Afrika and Black Afrikan people, that Liberation is depended on Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans success in collecting our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation. Repatriation, Freedom it Represents for the Black Afrikans and Afrika!!!

With Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation in our possession, there will be no more Mothers, Fathers, Relatives crying over the fact that America still treats our Daughters and Sons as an inferior creature without a soul to be respected and protected!!!

Time For The Killing Game Using Our Young Daughters And Son as the prey to be slaughtered to be no more, beloved Black Afrikan People!!!

So I Ask Black Afrikan People, What Time Is It, Beloved.

Divine Respect
Let Me Share This Divine Truth With You
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