Chief Elder Osiris : Let It Be Heard And Known!!!

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    Let It be Heard and Known!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    To Hear is to Know, and to Know, is to interpret the sound you Hear, Divinely.

    Beloved, I would be performing as a fool will, if I am depended upon or is persuaded by the behavior of Black Americans, many of those who participate on this internet.

    Most have formulated opinion, that which is structured and caused by America Elites, in various field of social, education, economic, political, and religious propaganda.

    So, I would be a fool to allow my motivation, my mental sensual awareness to be govern, guided, and affected by the spirit that come from the Black Americans that use this internet to reveal our ignorance.

    Yet, the Black Americans are believing that such a display coming from them, as they do not respond to various issues intelligently, issues that have a direct consequence on the lives of Black people.

    The Black American has no influence upon the wise that share Divine information about those issues that do in fact have an affect upon the way Black people behave, concerning their Body life.

    Let it be heard and let it be known, that the use of this internet is done so, mostly by those Black Americans who are without control of their mind, and the fact that they are Black Americans, serve as a sign that all that is said by Black Americans on this internet, is in the best interest of Americans, they with a reputation of abusing, lying, and deceiving Black people.

    So, only a fool claiming to be Black and Afrikan, participating on this internet, sharing wisely, the Divine Truth, would allow what a fool spiritual display is, toward that which is wisely shared with Black people, those Black people who still carry the potential of becoming Divine Beings again.

    Beloved, only a foolish mind that has no respect for the Black Race, would display such an ignorance by stating that Religion is of a greater value than Divine spirituality.

    Beloved, keep in mind that there is a fundmental difference in Religious spirituality and Divine spirituality, and only the Black American, acting as a fool, will attempt to address the two different Mind set, when not knowing the difference, will make such a foolish statement to Black people.

    Here many of us Black people are, praising the one institution responsible for the down fall of the Black Afrikan Nation, there is nothing I am making up here.

    You Black people serve as the evidence of what I am sharing with you is Divinely True, which is, Lucifer Religion, claiming it to be of a greater importance to Black people than Divine spirituality, reveal the low caliber of Mind making such a claim.

    There is no wise mind that participate on this internet that will allow the condescending spirit of the religious believer, to be of value toward that which is Divinely shared on this internet with Black people.

    Black people with self pride, is not to allow such a flawed religious spirit to have an influencing impact on such a wise Mind that share Divine information that is not under the influence of Lucifer religious teaching about life, such a religious teaching is designed to confuse the Black World.

    It is becoming very apparent that to share such Divine valuable information on the internet, where only those Black Americans participate in greater number than Black people in America, those Black Americans being with a mind displaying the looking perception that reflect only illusion and not Divine reality.

    Therefore, at some point, such a practice become an exercise infected with futile failure.

    So, only when the wise few who visit this internet, sharing the quality of information that require for a Divine mind to hear, see, and know that which is Divinely True, and what is needed to be done by Black people who are functioning in their Divine Mind, in order to free Afrika and to unite the Black Nation, is for those people must come to see the need for such like minds to come together off of this internet.

    It is not written anywhere that the Black American is needed in order to cause Afrika to become for the Afrikan again, and neither is it written anywhere that the Black Americans are needed to cause unity to come back to the Black Nation.

    Beloved, in any time that the fall of a Nation has occurred, there are those who rise from those ashes, occupying the status of being collateral damage, and must never be taken seriously , even though they may look like you, they are the enemy of the Black Nation, and now identify with your oppressors religion, and it is religion that serve as the foundation of evil, perpetrated against Black people, and religion does in fact display a religious spirit, which has no association to the Divine spirit, which emanate out from a Divine Mind.

    So in no way, beloved, will I ever participate in the act to deceive you, by implying that it is religion that represent the Higher and Greater good to the lives of Black people.

    There could be no greater display of disrespect for Black people, than to push and to sell to, telling you Black people that religion is our place to go for refuge against evil, when in fact, religion is the foundation of evil, upon which it stand, for the purpose to confuse and control the Mind of Black people.

    So, let it be heard and let it be known, that the wise is not swayed by the action and claim being made in the name of religion to Black people, that it is greater than Divine Spirituality, it is such a claim that verify the low vane quality and there is, of such a danger of such a Mind, that project religion to be more sustaining to the life of Black people than Divine Spirituality, nothing can be more deceiving than to make such a claim.

    I have shared with you that the Divine Truth is not to be debated, nor is it of a need to be prove, it associate only with Divine Reality, and to become in the company of the two, you must be revolving in your Divine Mind, without it, you become under the influence of those who can not hear, nor do they know the Divine truth about the Divine essence, the Universe, and about the Life of the Divine Black Being.

    Divine Truth and Reality is heard to be known, which cause you to be able to see by revelation, and not by a scheming and premeditated Mind, which is infested and driven by vane selfish opinion, those that represent the tentacles of religion and not Divinity, the former present to you that which is in disharmony, disorder, and an imbalance in life living, while the latter reveal to you, that which move in Harmony, Order, and Balance, when living a Divine Spiritual life.

    Be kind to your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    Author of Divine spirituality,
    Getting to know the real you.

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