Black Poetry : Let Freedom Ring

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    why should we worry in a world in such a hurry

    present them with truth & they change the story

    like Martin Luther King let freedom in lest we begin again

    Freedom is so sweet when people meet to share the good news

    of hugs with kisses with the long ago misses front porch swings

    Freedom rings

    today you got hip hop with Fetty Wap reaching the top

    Eminem with his fire about Trump really good glue to hold

    No, we broke the mold with Akon learning his lynn Swan pose

    used to be customary to hold open the door for your neighbor

    used to be we used to pray but today you claim it ought not be that way

    long ago let the truth be told you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold

    better to be judged on the content of your character not the color of one's skin

    one lone homeboy get capped in his knee on 5th and Wesson leave ya second guessing

    Mario William Vitale is not about neutrality he aims to do what he please

    get a hold of the Sonic we silence the crack heads of society with a bit of violence

    its all about choice with the roll of the dice makes you think twice

    we got reality shows just ask Todd Bridges & Flava Flav

    smolten hot lava cause I came here to deliver some times i get stuck in the middle playing second fiddle...

    rap isn't for losers always for the winner don't call me late for dinner

    what are we most willing to achieve always have something up my sleeve

    those days of Big Daddy Kayne in the fame game

    building forts in the woods alaways got the good with playboy under the seat

    a delicious frozen treat I rock it while its hot this homeboy do think a lot

    Nectar is in the honey down to the bone best to watch the frozen classic, "Home Alone"

    got rules in the Ghetto that they don't want you to know

    that's why some homeboys get away sleeping with a two bit whore

    nothing phony not looking for money content in playing a game of Gin & Rummy

    not to mention Spades now act your age this rap scene will never fade

    its about balance and consistency that is my philosophy

    Freedom rings but I'm not your seasoned butterfly instead i thank the good Lord i'm still alive

    got a good story to tell like Slick Rick with the ring of the bell

    honey to treasure no matter what the weather i'm still as light as a feather

    we can teach it to preach it but nothing comes easy mic in my hand and I get a little dizzy

    going shadow boxing with the Bee Gees waxing that *** with a squeegy

    its the bounce for the ounce of the hour of power homeboy need to take a long hot shower

    Hour of sorrow to thinking of Chuck in the Tower of Power

    we ned to think rationally as you cook your linguini

    arm me with harmony...