Black People Politics : Let’s rattle some liberal feathers…

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    It’s been absolutely amusing to watch the Democrat’s, liberals, left, progressive, mainstream media and the Republican Establishment blow a gasket over Donald Trump’s 2005 comments and his candidacy altogether. What’s interesting to watch is how the left which is always chomping at the bit, just can’t wait to create some poll immediately after something (scandalous) happens. Then, if the (supposedly legitimate) poll favors what the left believes and supports, then it blasts that crap around the world at the speed of the Internet / light (i.e., 186,000 miles per second (or) 7.469 times around the Earth per second). Rather humorous, indeed.

    Trump is going to win in November and no amount of libtard foaming at the mouth is going to change that inevitability. Here you have Trump running against The Democrat Establishment, The Republican Establishment, Hollywood, The Mainstream Media (Fox Included), just about everyone else who doesn’t want him to win, and the list goes on and on and on. All of this hyped up Trump’s going to fail chatter is way past wishful thinking. As a matter of fact, if the left (in particular) thought that Trump would lose in November, then why in the world is it so up in arms about where things stand today?

    Because all of the anti-Trump polling, media reporting and (rancid) un-endorsement dog meal that all of Trump’s naysayers have gulping down is beginning to back up in the gullet. There are those in the know on the left who actually know that all of this “NBC / WSJ Trump is down by 11 points or whatever BS” is nothing but a fallacy. The left in general is losing its mind and the right in general is losing its spine over the looming threat of a Trump win. When they sleep every night, they hear the chant ("O-Ee-Yah! Eoh-Ah!") from the Witch’s Guards in the 1939 original version of The Wizard of Oz. It’s beginning to drive them crazy.

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    Halloween is around the corner, the goblins are anxious to fly, poised are the guards of triumph, yes the Clinton campaign will die. So let’s spook the left a little bit more. Bring it on!