Black Parenting : Lest We Forget!


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Feb 1, 2005
StreetNationEarth: Seattle
The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.

Something most young black folks can't relate to, but is surely needed in a lot of circumstances

There used to be a time when black children were the best behaved children in the world, now look at them, hip hopping and gang banging and bling-blinging, and who's your baby's daddying, themselves straight into trouble.

1. Have you ever been called downstairs from upstairs or the back of the
house, or from the front of the house to get the remote, change the
channel, or to "fix her a glass of ice water?"

2. Have you ever been hit with an extension cord, ironing cord, a switch, the razor strap or the nearest shoe?

3. Have you ever had to pick or cut your own whip or switch off the
backyard tree and got sent back because the one you picked was too little?

4. Have you ever been burned on your ear with a straightening comb?

5. Have you ever been hit in the head or knuckles with a comb or hairbrush?

6. Have you ever been told to "Shut Up or I'll give you something to cry
about while she beats you with a belt - pronouncing every syllable

7. Your ponytails or plaits were so tight, you thought your eyes were going to pop out and you got those little bumps around you scalp.

8. The white people in the school office (principal, secretary, etc) were afraid of her.

9. You were too scared to go home when you had a bad report card--and too scared to run away.

10. Alcohol, peroxide, cocoa butter, and Vaseline were the main items in
the bathroom cabinet.

11. You were never "on punishment" - just got whoopins right out of the
shower or tub.

12. Have you ever been pinched for going to sleep in church?

13. She made you participate in every church activity (choir, Jr. Usher
Board, Easter play, Christmas play, etc.)

14. Has she ever had to come inside and pick you up from a school dance in hair rollers and her gown or pajamas on under her coat?

15. When you asked her for something, was her response ever.... "You got a job???"

16. Have you ever been beaten for something your brother or sister did just because you were around?

17. Did she vacuum everyday just so the carpet could have lines in it.

18. Have you ever been told to turn off the TV, get off the phone, or sit down and be quiet when it's storming outside because the Lord was doing his work?

19. Friends, family, and friends of the family try to keep you out of
trouble because they know your mother and how she is.

20. Were you afraid to call the child abuse hotline, cause she said, "I'll whup the Black offa you!"

21. Did she have to talk to God..."Lord, please don't let me hurt this
child!!" before she gives you a whipping.

If you can relate to any of these things, then pass this on to all your
friends and see if they can relate to it. Sometimes, it pays to share our values and our upbringing in the Black community.



Amen in the Spirit.

:>). . . :>). . . :>)

(just gotta wonder if this might go some ways towards answering "what happened to the community?")


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Apr 26, 2006
I love this , anafrican , i mean , i forget all these, ya know its really quite scary to me that i really dont see this no more , and i must andmitt when i was young there were lots of diffrent women around to help u rasie ur kids , but now shoot . folks could care less , at least in my situation , lawd i pray its not like that for even less than half , anyway ...Thank you , it just reminds me of what and how things used to be ...and how i want things to go back too


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Mar 21, 2001
I've been there , within most of these and felt the aftermath of them all
yes we have gave up on most from the old ways and so many have really
forgotten this that has kept many of us in line , today so many just don't
know or forgot and afraid to apply it.


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Jul 2, 2006
I remember every single one of those situations. I remember getting a beating for being aroun something that one of my friends did!! That type of parenting is a lost art. Just the psychological affect that some of those things had was enough to keep me in line even after I moved out of my parents house at 19. What about "dont make me have to tell your father" I was afraid of that man eventhough my mother was the one who enforced most of the punishment

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