Pan-Africanism : Lessons in the African Diaspora: studying Blacks in areas other than Africa & the US


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Feb 9, 2001
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I have a question. When does the PanAfrican class begin? I can invision each one of these posts as a separate history lesson. Pan you can actually create a class syllabus with a list of reading assignments for us to read prior to each class. Nothing too lengthy, but enough to prepare us for the upcoming class and give us time to prepare questions. Then again, we can just come and listen to you do your thing! This is good information. :)

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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Ahh NN, you give me too much credit. Of these subjects particularly Pan-Negroism in New Guinea & the Agta of the Phillipines, I am a student myself. As I learn more I will share more. :book: Africans in New Guinea were a given, because their appearence, much like the Aborigine of Australia. However, although some people claim to see "black features" in some people of the phillipines (broad noses), I was completely blown away by reading about the Agta. This is indeed information you don't learn in the classroom!! :shades:


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Aug 9, 2003
In my continual search to find, and prove the diversity, depth, and length of the African Diaspora. I have decided to post websites, stories, and histories of Africans in regions of the world where they are not thought to have populated. I will begin with a fascinating website about African Chinese. It speaks about an African occupation dating back to the Xia dynasty (2205 B.C.), and it also suggest that the African & Chinese mixed to create what is now known as the American-Indian. Here is the site:

One very important historical fact that was left out of the website (but is extremely important to this theory), is that the continents were not originally in their current location. It is believed by most historians and scientist (black & white) that Asia and Alaska/America were once joined by a land bridge called Beringa. The American-Indian were believed to have come from Asia across this bridge in search of food, and were stuck in Alaska/America when the 2 (technically 3) continents separated. With the theories of this website (and pictures provided) it can now be assumed that the original inhabitants of the Americans not only had Asian blood, but African blood as well!!
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