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Feb 3, 2001
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The Ascendant (rising sign) in the horoscope (The Creator’s plan for human development) is utilized primordially as a third and very important factor which complements the psychological information given by the combined positions of the Sun and Moon. Figuratively speaking, the Ascendant is the geometrical base that encloses the human triangle where its sides are represented by the individuality (the Sun) and the personality (the Moon).

At the time of your birth the fixed water sign Scorpio was ascending on the eastern horizon. By nature, inclination and temperament, you are an extremist. Whatever you attempt, it is usually done with the full force of your being. Your will is so strong that you fight to the end, regardless of the outcome. Scorpio rising is largely misunderstood by almost every standard. There may be other planetary influences in your horoscope that offset what is often regarded as your Scorpio harshness, bitter criticism, and acid sarcasm...

You are a born executive, and you like very much to operate behind the scenes. It helps to realize that Scorpio is the sign of sex, death and regeneration, and that these aspects of life occupy an important area of your existence...

You share a kind of iconoclasm with Aquarius, though the Aquarian is not the extremist you are. There’s an apparently unquenchable thirst in you for finding out what makes things tick – then reassembling them to make them work better. You do this with objects, people, and even institutions if given half the chance. Very little, if anything, escapes the penetrating power of your observation. If something doesn’t meet with your approval, you will tear down any facade, any theory, and any belief to get at the truth. This makes you a natural detective...

In science and medicine the intensity and keenness of your curiosity can bring you rich rewards, yet there is an Aries-like kind of martyrdom – or “self-destruct button” – in the mind of almost everyone with strong Scorpio influences. Extremism again. You have strong likes and dislikes. You love and hate with a white-hot fire, yet you are able to keep things to yourself until some plan of action is mapped out. Scorpio is exceptionally resourceful and self-reliant, and frequently malicious. You have a fertile mind and imagination.

Still...there are several types within the Scorpio nature, and it is difficult to know in advance just how anger will be handled. The undeveloped type, symbolized by the deadly, stinging scorpion, is capable of almost any outrage. The intermediate type is symbolized by the wily serpent, representing increased wisdom. The highly developed type is characterized by the high-soaring eagle, aspiring to the greatest possible heights. Here you will find scientists, orators, intensely devout spiritual leaders, and fiery debaters...

Scorpio rising is always ambitious and usually manages to gain some sort of high office or executive position. You may have been close to poverty, a condition that may have prevailed in the early part of your existence. But during the second half of your life there is more material prosperity and good fortune than you would have otherwise believed...

Scorpio rising also indicates that there will be excellent opportunities to travel and make money in other areas, e.g., through your spouse, legal dealings, and/or relatives by marriage. You are something of a lone wolf, and you probably have many secret love affairs. More than one marriage is indicated for those with Scorpio rising. The first could result in the premature loss of a marriage partner through illness or accident.

Eventually, despite a great series of difficulties and setbacks, you will achieve the success, good position, and probably the honors that you have so long desired...

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Aug 2, 2003
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LOL, As a Leo, you described me pretty well. The only thing is I don't crave attention, I just like to be acknowledged.

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