Black People : Legal Perversion

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    (Lokman) - "Though a galaxy of bandwidth is required, let us be content to point out one striking consequence of legal perversion.

    A 27 year old woman is leaving a hair salon. Her deranged husband bolts from his car--fires 3 shots killing his wife and their Preborn baby of only 4 months. He is immediately arrested, taken into custody and charged with a double homicide for the fatal shootings. Ultimately he is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Just 20 minutes later around the corner from the murder scene:

    A 27 year old woman enters an abortion clinic and conspires with a doctor to terminate her pregnancy. Hours later, a 4-month old Preborn baby has lost its life to a most brutal procedure sanctioned by the state. The silence is deafening. No arrest. No one in custody. No charges. No crime.

    While the decision makers, circumstances and means to an end were different, and the rationale and reasons for the action differ, the results are the same: Two Preborn babies of only four months are dead. Do you see the socially engineered dilemma?

    In other words, for many, what is legal is legitimate. However, when the law and morality contradict one another, one must choose between their moral sense or their respect for the law. Unfortunately, with the line between justice and injustice now sufficiently blurred in the conscience of many, the people are mired in a perpetual state of chaos, confusion, cognitive dissonance and debate.

    In short, whenever the law is transformed into an instrument of perversion or weapon of immeasurable injustice, you may argue that it is virtually impossible to introduce into society a more grotesque evil". - (The House Of Lokman)

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    "No two beliefs, doctrines, or statements that completely contradict one another can be true at the same time in the same sense. Each can be wrong, but each cannot be right. You see, by its very nature, ' Truth is Exclusive.' Otherwise, truth is all-inclusive and therefore nothing is false. Moreover, if nothing is false, can one say in truth that everything is false? And if everything is false, then what is the meaning of truth?" --(The House Of Lokman)
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    That's a question for the JUDGE.

    The PEOPLE no longer feel they can JUDGE such MATTERS.

    WE rather JUDGE whether BEYONCE is a GOOD ACTOR or some WELFARE MOTHER caught CHEATING the SYSTEM deserves PUNISHMENT.

    But these are too PERSONAL for OUR TASTE without SOME MEDIA SPOTLIGHT on the ISSUE.

    The MEDIA has GLADLY TOOK that ROLE from US.

    And granted they USE IT to the BEST of their ABILITIES.

    Even now a number of COURT BATTLES take place in PRIVATE ROOMS instead of the PUBLIC.

    and the BROTHERS involved with this LAWSUIT still lost the CASE.

    How can you give a PUBLIC DECISION where a PRIVATE SESSION took place.

    It dont make SENSE.

    That's LEGAL PERVERSION too.

    This MEDIA LED STORY will SET the TONE in handling SIMILAR CASES across the NATION



    That's the NATION at WORK.

    Oh well.

    Thanks and we should all give a story about 'legal' matters. That would mean the PEOPLE (ALL OF US in the NATION) are not without THOUGHT.