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    Back in 1954 George James wrote “Stolen legacy”. He proved that many of the Greek philosophers stole from the Egyptians. I plan on adding to his points.I’m gonna focus mainly on Anaxagoras because he taught Socrates and I’m finding links through them into the New Testament.

    1. Thales (620-546BC) World came into existence from water, source of all life.
    2. Anaximander (610-547BC) Origin of all things is infinite/space
    3. Anaximenes (528BC) taught that all things originate from Air
    4. Pythagoras (530BC) immortality of the soul; cycles of birth, death and rebirth. A central fire exist and planets revolve from west to east.
    5. Xenophanes (556BC)
    6. Parmenides (540BC)
    7. Zeno (490BC)
    8. Hera****us (530BC) The most important element is fire
    9. Anaxagoras (500-430BC) Anaxagoras declared the sun to be a red-hot metal. He also thought the sun was a stone of gold, or golden clod or clot. When I read this from Diogenes Laertius I immediately recalled that E.A Wallis Budge stated that the Egyptians considered “The blood of the Sun-god was thought to be made of gold”.-The Dwellers on the Nile p.123 In the Koran it states that Allah created man from clots of Blood. I wonder if Anaxagoras felt the red metal was golden blood. Anaxagoras declared the whole firmament (Sky) to be made of stones. This doctrine clearly came from the Egyptian who called Pet (sky) upheld the heavens with originally two stone mountains called sunrise (east) sunset (west). The New testament Jesus built his two rocks/stones from Paul to the east and then to Pet/er to the west. John 1:42 states “Thou art Simon [Peter] the son of Jona: thou shalt be called Cephas which is by interpretation, A Stone”. I know that Peter was to the west because Er is another name for Hades which was to the left/west under the moon. Budge goes on to say “In the earliest times the sky was divided into two parts only, the east and the west, but later division was made…[into] rectangular, and that each corner [or cardinal] of it rested upon a pillar” The Gods of the Egyptians p.157 The New Testament would adjust also from rocks to four pillars. Paul wrote: “James, Peter and John, those reputed to be pillars” Galatians 2: 9. Its impiled Paul is a pillar himself too to make up for. All of these people are reputed to be pillars and spirtual brothers of Jesus. Well guess what? “The four children of Horus played a very important part …they originally represent the four supports of heaven”. Their long hairs were associated with pillars in a like manner Samons hair gives his power to bring down pillars (Judges 18: 22;29) see Egyptian Magic By Budge p.90-91. In addition theirs is a picture of Osiris emerging out of a chest with the four Horus children holding up the sky. Osiris has the cross of eternal life in both his hands. These crosses could easily be considered the gold and silver keys that Jesus gave to Peter. Anaxagoras was sentence to death in 430BC for teaching that the sun was a gold stone of red (blood) hot metal. Socrates would die for similar reasons for prying into things under the earth (hades/water/moon) and up in the Heavens (stars/sun astronomy).We know that the Egyptian hades underworld contain a boat and water so souls could travel to the direction of east to the sun. Plato wrote Apology (24b-25E) it was a document about the trial of Socrates in 399BC. Plato wrote:
    “Well now,gentlemen, thus much is plain by this time, as I said, that …it seems plain from the indictment which you made that it is by teaching them not to believe in the gods which the state believes in, but in other new spirits…o you amazing creature, Meletos! What makes you say that? Then I don’t believe even the sun and the moon are gods, like everyone else in the world. No, by Zeus, he does not, gentlemen of the jury, he says the sun is a stone and the moon is earth”. Meletos applied the same charges to Socrates as they did Anaxagoras. I shall try my best to explain how all of these charges related to the Egyptian religion. When a person died his body went under the earth in hades/underworld which was in the west. If the individual knew that Osiris roof is Fire (sun) and his floor was water (moon) he could pass to the east to become one of the “shinning ones”. The moon was associated with Hades and water. I already proved that parts of Anaxagoras was taken from the Egyptians now I will quote from him and line it up with St. Paul.

    “ Anaxagoras took as his principles the homoeomeries or homogeneous molecules; for just as gold consists of fine particles which are called gold-dust, so he held the whole univese to be compounded of minute bodies having parts homogeneous to themselves. His moving principle was mind; of bodies, he said, some like earth, were heavy, occupying the region below, others light like fire, held the region above, while water and air were intermediate in position. For in this way over the earth, which is flat, the sea sinks down after the moisture has been evaporated by the sun…he held that winds (souls) arise (resurrect) when the air (soul/spirit) is rarefied by the sun’s heat”.

    In the Egyptian concept of justice on the scales your heart/mind of your deeds had to be light and balance with a feather of truth/fire/light. If you became double truth or double Amen the light of Osiris/Ra would shine upon your soul and you would become a star.

    Paul said the same thing just in a diffirent manner. I will be quoting from 1 Corinthians 15: 40-50. And I would like to stress the point that Paul has already quoted a line from Imhotep (Egyptian god of medine) just at verse 32 where he says “Let us eat drink for tomorrow we die” The plagarist tried to hide the theft by omitting the line “and be merry” that was supposed to go after the word drink. Paul didn’t get this from Isaiah 22:13 because he stole it from Imhotep who lived a thousand plus years before Isaiah.
    “There are also heavenly bodies and there are earthly bodies; but the splendor of the heavenly bodies is one kind, and the splendor of the earthly bodies is another. The sun has one kind of splendor, the moon another and the stars another; and stars differ from star in splendor. So will it be with the resurrection of the dead”. Paul go on to say we are made from the earth dust and that “Blood cannot inherit the kingdom of god”. This concept of blood not inheriting heaven is due to the Egyptian theory that the sun god Ra’s blood is golden/sunlight.
    Both Socrates and Anaxagoras were prosecuted for impiety because they thought the sun and moon were not alive but just attributes and functions of an unseen god just like the Egyptians thought. The Egyptian took it symbolically but the Greeks, Romans and Christians took it all literal. In the Old Testament why did they represent God as a sun in Psalm 84:11 & Malachi 4:2?

    10. Democritus (420BC)
    11. Socrates (469-399BC)
    12. Plato (427-349BC)
    13. Aristotle (384-322BC)