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    is a very big deal and the correct title for the movie directed by Lee Daniels who also produced 'Monster Ball/2001' (eg. a $2.5 million production that he turned into a $31 million dollar box office success and earned Halle Berry an Oscar for Best Actress) and then directed 'Precious/2009' from the novel Push by Sapphire which became a $47.5M box office success (eg. that earned Monique an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress). IronicallyMyrah Carey was cast in 'Precious' and 'Lee Daniels, The Butler'. Read more about Lee Daniels here.

    This true, poignant story spans 34 years in the life of Cecil Gaines as a butler in the White House as portrayed in the movie by Forrest Whitaker who did a most excellent job.


    Eye have heard many reviews about this movie...some accurate some not! Yet, what fascinated me the most ----is the interaction of Cecil Gaines with President Truman-Eisenhower-Kennedy-Regan-Nixon and finally President Obama. The cap for me was when Mr. Gaines made the transition from 'house' ***** to 'field' ***** as he experienced the struggle side-by-side with his son in the now defunct 'Civil Rights Movement'.

    The comparisons between the truth and fiction is interesting, too. Eye've made my decision ---now go make yours.