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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Clyde, you act like game six was the ENTIRE season/series...I'm sorry your false " black pride" got hurt..what is it that you want Clyde ? ALL black America ? or an ALL black world ??..guess what my man, the whites,hispanics, asians ect aint going NOWHERE !..unless you want to be part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem...It is so easy to sit around and blame people of diffrent races for your personal failures..and again, you sound as dumb/ingnorant/racist as some old *** redneck cracker...again, I ask you Clyde, what is it that you want ? BLACK SUPREMACY ??...if not, tell me what it is that would make you stop being a Ignorant bigot ?

Brother Malik ... this will be your last warning before being suspended or banned.

I encourage you to read our Higher Standard Forum, which contains the policies for interacting here.

You can't curse, call folk out of their names, make the discussions personal, etc.

Please read those threads, learn how we live here, so you can remain with us.

Much Love and Peace.



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Hi! I'm not as active on this account as I want to be. For one I tend to forget that this site exists until I check my email. Two, I'm currently in the process of building up a fine art site for Oklahoma black and native historical references. The references correlate with another site that will be a storytelling site that has not yet been produced.
Happy to be back and gaining more knowledge!
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Welcome Home Beloved! :wave: :love:
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good to see you around Cindy.
2022 Has started and I hope everyone is having a safe and protected journey as we navigate this game of life
during this pandemic. We are not easily defeated so protect your momentum at all times. One Love.