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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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ZeroGravity said:
Hey ,Destee, I think I sent you this message via email already but i wasnt sure whether or not it went through lol....I was wondering if you would suggest some readings to get acquainted with html as I am interested in building websites. Also what is the best program to design websites. And your method of handling traffic?.....

Brother ZeroGravity ... you just made some dust fall off my brain, thinking back to the days when i first learned HTML. It seems like ages ago now. I don't even think the books i used are even still in print. The technology has evolved so quickly, and continues to do, until books are almost outdated before the ink is dry.

The books that i did use, teaching HTML, suggested the use of Notepad, which every computer comes with. This was just to be sure you understood the code, that you could make a web page using only Notepad. With so many HTML editors out here now, i'd not be surprised if folk weren't teaching that way anymore.

If i were just learning HTML, i'd probably do some searches in google, for sites that teach it. Actually, i did that back then, when i was learning too. And now, there are so many more available. You could probably get away without ever buying a book on learning HTML, by simply accessing the free tutorials available online.

I've always used Macromedia products, for the most part, when it comes to design and development. Their HTML editor is called Dreamweaver. Actually, Macromedia sold themselves to Adobe, so you can find these products on their site now.

In regard to site traffic, i'm not sure what you mean when you ask about my method of handling it. If you'd be more specific, i'd be glad to try and answer that question too.

I put this in a thread, as i'm sure those more actively involved in web site development, than i am right now, could be of even more assistance to you.

Oh, and for the record, it's always best to post to me if you can ... if you don't mind the question being public ... as i will (probably) answer more quickly here, than via email.

If you have more questions, just ask.

Much Love and Peace.


Thanks Destee.......

I actually had Dreamweaver and dabbled into it a little bit...never really actually built a whole site though.......but as far as handling traffic, I mean like your various hardware....Like what kind/how many routers and servers are you using?

Dreamweaver is a great tool, and it would be good if you desire to learn web development, to spend some quality time with it. That's the key to learning this stuff, is being willing to put the time in. It's very time intensive. You can probably learn enough skimming the surface, to get by, but if you want to present high quality work, then it's gonna take more than skimming.

Building a quality site, is much more than just putting the web pages together. Among other things, you've got to secure a place for the site to live. That usually includes purchasing a domain name, and having it hosted. Both of these are relatively inexpensive pieces, and you can even find sites that will host your pages at no cost to you (they have the advertisements and stuff on them). At this point, you'd probably be using a "shared hosting environment" where many other domains live on the same server, and you've simply purchased a corner of it for yourself.

In contrast to that, we are on a dedicated server, where i maintain full control / management / responsibility of it. In a "shared hosting environment" you have no control of the server. We've had our own server since 2001, and we only have one right now.

The routing part of things falls on the side of the hosting provider, so i've never had a reason to venture there. It's always worked. Over the years, my expertise has sharpened most often due to the fact that a problem occurred! :) I was then forced to learn some new and different stuff, because we can't afford to pay someone. It happens often enough that it keeps me pretty sharp regarding the things i gotta be on top of.

I hope this answers your questions. If not, or you have more, let me know.

Much Love and Peace.


Oh My Gosh ... Brother ZeroPoint ... oops ... :)

I called you Brother ZeroGravity ... i am so sorry !

We have a Member by that name, who i've been missing for a whole long time, and ... oh my gosh!

I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I didn't mean to make your quote his, or call you by his name.

He hasn't even been home since forever ... gosh ... hmmmm ... i don't know what's up with me making this mistake.





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