African Traditional Religion : Learning/adopting Ifa


Jul 7, 2017
What’s going on Destee,

I’m wondering if there is anyone on the board that can educate me and/or put me on the right path of information regarding Ifa/Yoruba?

I’m of Caribbean descent (Trinidadian) and grew up with family mainly practicing syncretic Christianity, so I’ve seen the work of Obeah/Vodun, etc during my time. But ive always been someone that have a strong belief in God but always have been very critical of Christianity. Never felt comfortable in a practice that was forced on our ancestors during slavery while being forced to hide their true spirituality system. As well as all the negative connotations that was proven with it in a oppressive system.

But I have been having a growing interest in Ifa for a while now, and due to my personal experiences in seeing its work of healing, I’m looking into adopting it as a personal religious practice. A plus is also there is reports of other millennial of African diaspora are trading in Christianity for African traditional religion systems.

Hopefully someone a lot more knowledgeable on this board can school me about Ifa, what to do if I’m ready to accept it as a practice, etc it would be greatly appreciated. I am also East Atlanta based, so if any info on churches/organizations would be appreciated as well.

I have no prior proper knowledge to any of this, just learning bits and pieces as I read through this forum and independent research, so no offense to anything I may have said that is wrong. Just looking to learn and find light in my path

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