Black Poetry : Learn the important


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Feb 16, 2001
memphis, Tn
Learn the important my people I ask
those lessons that provide us a base
a base for the construction of self
a self that is confident and strong

Learn the important for reasons that are real
those lessons that supply hope to all that see
a star for those who wish to be free
a freedom that lends itself to those who are not

There are important lessons that are never taught
because of ignorance or lack of definition
so define the things that are important to you
and you will begin to build a new life

This new life will entail.....
freedom undiscoverd
joy unsurpassed
love unconditional
strength unbreakable
and faith unshakable

So what is important you ask?
and why haven't you learned it in the past?

They are those things that make you you
They are those things that help others
They are things never taught
because very few ever master them
because the important was never defined

The important are the life lessons that are real
they take time and patience there's no magic pill

Learn the important my people I ask
real freedom comes with education
real happiness comes with self-esteem
real love comes with growth of the soul
real strength comes with helping others be strong
real faith comes from the Lord.

When will you start learning?
Through knowledge we gain wisdom
Through knowledge we gain understanding.
Through knowledge many doors are opened.
Through lack of knowledge, there's often pain
Through knowledge we find ourselves.
Through knowledge and faith our eyes will be opened
like that of a newborn babe.
Through knowledge we choose our paths in the this journey called life.

Knowledge is a never ending process,
I agree gain knowledge in your life.
Knowledge is wisdom.....

Hey A007 :wave:
Great piece!


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