Black Poetry : Laying It Down

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    Laying It Down

    Dudes with Lexs have attitudes so complex oh boy they enjoy
    Telling me they really don’t want it when they do this act destroy
    My pride one day I’m gonna ask for a ride and then what?// look
    Progress was all right at first but my stats worse and now I’m shook
    Because it has gone on for too long not able to stop it or profit
    So one day I could be president and face the drama of pure chocolate
    Clever as well and never an infidel try stay true and alert but folks
    who work sitting down is gitting pay renown those work and do coke
    standing up and perk coffee in the morning, warning could be planning
    on going bankrupt, look I travel in boats and unravel quotes, demanding
    I swim like fish above the rim with this ish, wish I can be strong see
    A lot of wrong stuff and one song isn’t enough to make a difference be
    Tripping, my flow bounce while I pronounce words like grammar teachers
    Have glamour features in my script, approve of knowledge I’m a preacher
    That groove in college will not lube garbage now yall know my name
    type everyday while other cats wipe away do do stains, fubu is lame
    like rags from the thrift shop, gift is not hot, no true crew or fame
    look I drink brisk booze while you misuse HIPHOP plus slip a lot
    fall hit your head on the sidewalk no pride in your talk it’s all slop
    write rhymes everday founded crime don’t pay but sick politics does
    profanity is a joke but insanity in folks are rare smokes a pair of joints cuz
    but insanity in rap is a great must or you can’t make fuss nobody listens
    look paid the rent tried to disvorce but an unidentified source by twisting
    my words messed me over royal,