Black Poetry : Laying Down Stuff

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    Laying Down Stuff

    Write rhymes that leave a bright shine on
    Papers with strong vapors my dome tapers along
    With my mind , cats be sad and dense with a bad sense
    This rouse desires that set house on fires I’m convinced
    Even a Mickey Mouse want cheese, please squeeze Velveeta
    The whack is fake I’ attract with bait then attack their leader’s
    Fate, have them calling my name and ctawling for fame
    While balling doing cocaine, should be oiling their brain
    My menu is to rap and lure cats into a trap too late then
    win Battles I ride in twin saddles like the Lone Ranger again
    there’s strong danger I may become a cowboy so lend
    me your ear, look this rap is a wiry affair and it’s leaving
    a fiery glare in my eyes for me spitting fire is breathing
    I’m a soldier hot that’s over the top in HIPHOP filled
    Beyond capacity builds lawns with tenacity and killed
    Ants with insecticides and wreck their prides to the point
    They won’t eat crops I defeat a lot of them when I anoint
    My grass, got and amazing plan to make my yard like grazing
    Land and become a master of a pasture after using miracle grow
    And let my lyricals flow through the fescue let my cereals glow
    Love cornflakes, weeds pollute grounds while I shoot down birds
    Recruit clowns and nerds just to battle with, use nouns and words
    To defend myself my blend is deft like fresh coffee Hummer swerve
    Around curves, my messy art hits the fleshy part of brains make nerves
    Twitch, pure put it on microphones be sure- footed and unknown
    energetic minds can only write sympathetic rhymes some strong
    for mad crews I’m bad news because my brain burn with slang