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    The blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh, Sanctuary Of creations, brothers and sisters, ordained by the creator Loyal to the cross, fears of know Indoctrination, the warriors that stand behind the blue print of life justice cause, the followers of Allah, God warriors of life, documents of creation, Death to life, under the proclamation creation
    Of All mighty God creator, images that comes
    Through the light, shall stand a justice cause,
    In this ultimate of treason, shall man feel the

    Rapture of its intrusions, prepare for the new
    Ciphers melon of ebony attributions Words of Psalms. Books of darkness shall appear in the light of conscious; the master of the Universe shall return. Suppressed words are the source of confusion; Censorship shall not be voided, when the laws come from God. Violations of Dignity shall not be erase;

    Dignity came in form of a man, and sealed
    with salvation the creator grace and love.
    Quarrelsome of forbidden fruits, the warriors of faith, the parasites poisons shall not dictate life in exchange my fate. I may fall, but dignity shall
    be my balance I shall display. Qualities of courage shall subside. Self determination shall stand, self reliance the obligation; dignity shall stand strong, laws Creations has no back doors.

    All must have reference to the blue print
    Ensemble of the world, and the compact truth of
    The world, creations shall take a stand, in
    This hurl Uris event, who have committed
    Treason to the cause
    Life after death, the protocol call, prophets
    of the proclamation of life; There shall be no
    Subject too pronounced genocide knocks at the door, All works shall illustrate the divine law of creation.

    For noble tribes of nations, and coming creations, Breaking the seal Of Satan protocols, for who so in milieus cause, defend the un just to the protocols of life, the books of creation, on noble servant of life, summons by the spirit to break the chains of darkness; the darkness rises above the sunlight; The cold waters above my feet; The battles that will
    bring me closure; The songs of my ancestors; The dark gets darker, The soldiers walk upon the night the chains of thought shall be broken.

    Rise upon the strife, tribes that comes, must
    Be nurtured upon this life, a toxin that flows
    Through the vein shall be decoded before entering; The subdue of wombs, prophets that come, shall
    Not feel the darkness of earthly wounds, abomination shall not over though the laws of life summon by the almighty creator Allah our God one, forsaken the earthly Destructions shall fall upon the laws of reproduction,

    All must have references to change the bionic
    Plague those toxins through the womb.
    The carcass that clones the soul, the spirit
    That cries to be release, and the seed that

    Enters the womb, beware, the womb is the sacred ; House of creation, Niles of the black tribe, Poisons shall be terminated upon the seed
    That breeds nations of un just tribes,
    The seed shall follow the darken tribe
    If the soul is not of God, and the poisons that
    Breeds dark, shall be the pain of the holders
    Who created the defected abdominal womb?

    Creations is a blessing from God, every seed has
    Its mission, to befoul the womb is to befoul God
    Let your cause speak for your reform, the laws of
    Creations the laws of life, is sealed when God
    Whispered in your ear, I have given my only
    Begotten son, warrior savior of life;
    What do you suppose will satisfy the Soul justice
    law, the soul cannot live in the carcass of its frame, it shall self destruct in the name of creation, it shall not hold

    The soul if it is toxin, an the mind slowly eats away, And the darkness covers the heart, and the wickless of the Demons that surface the heart, as the maggots eat
    the flesh after death, an the pain of one self,
    without sleepless cause, watch the image of self, slowly die And the warriors that have lived upon the blood line for 400 years, and sacrifice there seed, the lamb of the limb Oh selfish soul of the dark, life that lives within man, the creations of his heart, given by the grace of the almighty God. The seed of nations and tribes, the womb the Creation of life, as man defile its cause, killing the DNA of warriors,
    Who return under the proclamation of creation law.​

    Noumi Collectives @2006
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    Our ancestors have not died in vain, we must continue to walk the path that they laid for us, continuing their courageous journey. Such wisdom in your words, as always poetess. Welcome back.
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    Praising The Lord
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    Hi Sister ASHANTA
    This is a mission we are on.
    And the words aren't just print
    But a design. Will we be ready?
    Time have never stop, and will
    tick forward until that coming..