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    It’s fallacious to note that man was imperfect because he wasn’t God. The Original Human(Hue-Man),”Man of Dark Texture), fell when he allowed outside forces to shape his reality. Courtesy from the mountain are more new laws for the melanin dominant man with dominance on his mind again.

    We covered in the last entry that the melanin dominant man must create his own laws, and those laws restore him to his greatness. Brothers and Sisters, look no further than our own history as evidence that we ARE the master race.

    How else could George Washington Carver take one peanut and invent 250 products? How else did Booker T. Washington build an industrial school? How else did Rev. Adam Clayton Powell pass more laws than any congressman in history?

    How else did Imhotep create model architecture and continue to incarnate himself into each generation of our inventors?

    It’s simple: we are superior, and this superiority must be proven time and again. Integration was one of the agents in the fall of the Original Man, because the Original People accepted that they had no more to invent and instead allowed a system to invent for them.

    Don’t accept western standards of demonocracy or their fallacious history.

    Washington Irving, author of Sleepy Hollow, took four pedophiles, drunks, thieves and war criminals and made them the “founding fathers.” He wrote much of the Corporation(America’s) early history. Be not fooled by the european any longer. He and his people have no history.

    How many times must Dr. John Henrik Clarke’s words be etched in your mind before you understand the Original man has enemies? Stop aligning with people that are only against our Maafa for the exploitation.

    Tell me, where were latinos,gays,feminists and the special ed programs when our churches were bombed, our homes vandalized and our brothers lynched? Where were they when we had dogs sicked on us?

    We all know they use their Negro card when necessary. Understand you are at war, and this system is meant to fail.

    Tablets of the Original People, VOL.I

    The Voice of Liberation

    I am the embodiment of the ancestors. Their voices cry out to me and those that achieved martydrom are not in vain. As the blood courses through my veins, so will I live up to the memory of those that shed their blood for me.

    The Voice of Legacy

    I am the swarthy, melanin dominant man of the cosmos, therefore, nothing is restricted to me and nothing restricted from me. I will ascend to a level that I need not their laws. Like my ancestors the children of Israel(Asrae), I am the legacy meant to inherit the promised land.

    That new land has new laws for all Black people.

    Understanding why the Impostor Reigns

    The recessive man, whom you refer to as caucasian, for all of the evil attached to his namesake, must be observed. You must observe the way in which he emanates from an age, and places measures to never return to that age.

    Example, he came from caves and began walking upright only when he saw the melanin dominant Kings doing as such, but through sheer murder and deceipt, he has made sure that he and his kinfolk leave the cave.

    The true reasons behind the start of the Civil War was to prevent a massive uprising of our people.

    The Gullahs had formed an alliance with all of the slaves on plantations throughout the South and had organized an African Legion that would’ve liberated us then. The Civil War was the tradeoff point, and the co-opt in that it made those once powerful Black generals serve as soldiers for the North for the promise of “freedom.”

    Freedom isn’t something granted, it’s something taken, and never taken for granted.

    The caucasian is a peculiar creature in this regard. The Original man has been expelled from nature and has been taught contrary to his nature, down to the way this generation’s present melanin dominant people eat, think and interact with each other.

    Your warfare with the enemy was in the beginning metaphysical.

    Methods for Creating Our Master Race

    I know, it sounds oxymoronic, because a race that is already original and blessed with melanin is already masterful, yet I’m speaking of masterful in the practical industries. What made the Moors pioneers was that they took something to any society they traveled.

    Chevalier De St. Georges, the great Moor that taught Europe how to dress and how to fence, is an example, as well as Beethoven(Thoven Bey), Mozart,Estevanico and Lord Mansa Musa, all brilliant men of color that understand how to build societies.