Black People : Law and Disorder in Philadelphia | BBC Documentary

I still look over my shoulder where ever I go, grew up in NYC.
but I won't raise my children in the inner city, any where.

exactly. that's the same way my grandmother/father felt about Jim crow, poverty and sharecropping in Alabama. And the same way my father felt about Jim Crow, poverty and Pig farming in Texas. And they all got up and out to greener pastures. I can't imagine who I'd be if they sat there in that muck and labeled it their home. Folks getting lynched and locked away.. people pressed into caricutures of human beings.. thank god none of them gave up on hope and said, "well, this is my home and I'm staying right here".. and accepting those conditions.. those situations. I couldn't imagine being that fearful.
"An inspector who surveyed a downtown building weeks before it collapsed, killing 6 people, was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound a week after the accident, authorities said Thursday."

NY will do that to you if you're no fool
where ever I'm at i'm watching/looking it's second nature, survival instincts from when NY was worse.

Where did you grow up you know what neighborhood?

Too many to list them all.

E119th st and pleasant Ave. Harlem.
Bristol st, East new york
4th Ave btwn 4th and 5th streets. Brookyn
Hinsdale st. E. new york
E 21st street near Cortelyou rd.
I went to Erasmus hall, on Flatbush Ave.
I left N.Y.C Jan. of 1969

I moved a lot, some times three schools in one school year.


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