Black History : Laurence Fishburne reads a former slave's incredible letter to his old master

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I have been reading Slave Narratives for years from Project Gutenberg site.

Your share had me reflecting on some slave stories I recall.

I read them because first hand information is knowledge and having truths shared by actual ancestors mean more personally to me. Too first-hand offers true and a better understanding of what actually happened.

The Slave Narratives mostly are in Ebonics. They have a whimsical beauty.

Ebonics have a bad rap.
Actually many thousands from Europe, to America enjoy reading Paul Lawrence Dunbar... who wrote in ebonics for us.

I grew up reading and have had read to me Paul Lawrence Dunbar.
He wrote in both Ebonics and Modern English.

Half of my culture is Jamaican so I actually have a love for language that includes different forms like ebonics. I definitely understand what you mean by "whimsical beauty".

Not only that but it's often more efficient because the speakers aren't loyal to the tradition. It reminds me of how the Europeans used to fight, arranging themselves in a straight line and shooting at the same time. They conditioned themselves to think that's how you're supposed to do it. We do the same with language. The truth is, there is no right way as long as your audience understands you.

Thanks for sharing as well. I will check out the site.


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