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    Charismatic intellectual Cornel West continued his oligarchy/plutocracy diatribe on MSNBC Tuesday, asserting that the Republican Party in essence is “mean, coldhearted and tied to oligarchs,” and Democrats were “spineless” and unwilling to fight them, Raw Story reports.
    Not solely focusing his blunt critique on “brotha” Barack, West spoke critically of the 2 party political system as a whole. Citing corporate greed as a key source of corruption for American politics, and the entire landscape of the United States as a result.
    The renowned scholar who, along side Ralph Nader, is personally seeking a Democratic presidential candidate to oppose Barack Obama went on to say,

    The top 10 percent got 100 percent of income growth. That’s pathological. You can’t sustain a democracy when you have that kind of wealth inequality. You just can’t… The greed is running amok. Somebody has to be honest and tell the truth. The problem is the Democratic Party is still too tied to big money.”

    Echoing a sentiment shared by many about the Democratic party’s rep for being backbone-free, West said President Obama “is going to have some spine, but it could be a two-step… It could be a speech for progressives, then move back to the center.”
    For more, dig the full interview on MSNBC: