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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Has It Ever Occurred To Black Folks How Late We Are Too Attending To Black Folks Business???
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
Listen Up Black Folks, you are far better and far more worth than that Racist Devilish, Satanic, Luciferian Human Being has gotten us Black Afrikans to "BELIEVE" that we are and believing have you carrying in your mind back pocket great weight of doubt and with that kind of weight in your mind, you have no rest nor pleasure to Think, beloved.
We Black Afrikans have been set on ignored inaction, we place no more a Divine value of us being to the self of Black Afrikans, so we now function as cannon fodder in use by and being under the use and guidance of Lucifer devilish satanic mind.
So, there is no wonder why we Black Afrikans have no get-up and go energy with a quality of mind that will have you not to ignore the Divine Responsibility we Black Afrikans have to the collective Black self-being that of Black Afrikan people who is the descendants of our Ancient Cosmic Universal Divine Black Ancestors who came as aliens to planet earth and with your Divine knowledge revolving and rotating in their Divine Mind they introduced the Greatest Civilization with a spirit of Divinity never to be compared by Mankind earthly established adventure on this planet earth.
You see beloved Black people, we of the Race of Black cosmic Universal Divine Beings have fallen such a long way from our Natural order of doing things, we been well conditioned to believe that there is nothing special that is of a Greater Good-Godly about our Unique Black self, as a matter of fact, that racist Devil Lucifer has succeeded in having Black Afrikan people to choose to believe over the Divinity of Thinking, so what you see of Black folks doing today, neglecting our responsibility to take care of Black folks business when occasions and events require for us to do so, we end up ignoring that responsibility required for Black Afrikans to take to be able to bring Harmony, Order, and Balance in the way we Think and Logically Rationalize about event of happening that cause Black Afrikans to be in a Profane living condition and the Mind of Lucifer which we have guiding Black Afrikan people have Black Afrikan people to ignore that which is Divinely shared, it is the character of Divine Truth and Reality and we choose to ignore, we believing we be being spiteful to the Messenger that is sharing the Divine Truth with Black Folks, messengers of such Divine caliber is not numbered among the many but the few of Black Afrikans.
So, we do our Black Collective self-harm by ignoring what could be the Liberator of Black Afrikans which is the Divine Truth and Reality about things occurring on this Planet Earth affecting Black folks harmfully, living on this earth to be in Afrika!!!
Black Afrikans have no business anymore that cause Black Afrikans to be self-assured and uplifting with confident and self respect anymore, we just follow the lead of that racist Luciferian Human Being using Lucifer Mind that has filled Black Afrikans to be with character of envy, jealousy, impure vanity, defeating ego, belief, faith, and hope, wishing to obtain blessing from the God Lucifer Created to confuse our Black Afrikan behind!!!
So No, Hell No, the Divine Truth I share with Black Afrikan people, we do not"WANT" to be reminded of anymore, we rather forget the Truth and Reality of our Divinity and now we willingly remember with practice the Lies and Deception that have Black Folks to do evil to each other and we now say what exciting way to live.
The Divine Truth, Black Afrikans been made to ignore and despise the Divine Truth, as Black Folks believe such a mental spirit character do harm to the Divine Messenger, we Black folks live with spite toward and against each other today and has no energy to take on the responsibility to take care of Black Afrikan Business which is to have Freedom, Justice, and Independence to return to be the Living experience of Black Afrikan People to be in Afrika!!!
Divine Respect

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