Black Poetry : Last Rites of the Lost

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    All the Old Folks I know
    Who are watching TV these days
    Say that we all need to get down on our knees
    And pray
    Because we're quickly returning
    To a much earlier phase
    A negative state of collective mentality
    That speaks to the existence of Powers and Principalities
    That don't have our best interest in mind
    And are looking only to protect their own kind
    A failed geo-political dead end is being exposed
    As the last gasp of the Greedy and the soon-to-be-deposed
    They take from the Needy
    Like Pirates of old
    They’re decrepit and seedy in search of fool's gold

    A power play of the highest dimensions
    A shell game aimed at increasing the tension
    Between Country and World
    Lost American Soldiers
    March steal and kill
    Fatal Nationalism unsealed
    The Global Power Elite momentarily retreats
    To plan the next stage
    As Playas of the New Age get smacked back down
    The Global Economy clowns creating frowns
    Around globally-connected cities and wired provincial towns
    People gather around televisions computers and radios
    To observe the depredation of
    Evil Unbound

    The United States of America
    That Paragon of Democratic Ideals
    Stumbles as Lady Liberty
    Loots plunders and tears asunder
    The hopes and dreams of the Global Population
    White black brown yellow and red
    The people of every Nation clamor in her bed
    While over in Europe the ancient and royal cousins
    Whisper and plan Machiavellian games of the Dozens
    Illuminatus Conspirators envisioning
    Poisoned knives
    Darkened rooms and unholy delight
    The premeditated and riotous slaughter
    Of a Thousand Points of Light
    That threaten the world with their not-so-New World Order
    Hell-bent on erasing every border and
    Organized form of Resistance
    Revolutionary Acolytes seek the penitence of spiritual Renaissance
    Consciously aware of the need to be Free
    And in dire opposition to the
    New American Century

    Lonely and austere
    They are blind and cannot see the End Game
    That America is not New Jerusalem of fame
    The one slated by mandate to redirect the hands of Fate
    Nor is it the epitome of human development
    And that includes being
    Heaven-sent to save the World
    Despite the apocalyptic bent of the Commander-In-Chief
    Who can't even give relief to the natives of his own country
    He's like a blind monkey let out of the Zoo
    Masturbating and cursing until his face turns

    Convinced by the passion of his own words
    Eyes wide shut
    He attempts to lead the Herd
    In the right direction while promising uncompromising protection
    The Herd in this case being the Immoral Majority
    That stole the last Presidential Election
    And while I'm on that topic let us not forget the myopic viewpoint
    Of the embedded media Reporters
    The lapdogs of that New World Order
    Who lie and attempt to deny
    The revulsion of the real World's people
    With the excesses of our false Church
    Its Steeples lean to the side even now while we
    And devour
    Our many Sacred Cows

    And the Old Folks have been left behind
    Social Security is no longer a surety
    And Affirmative Action is experiencing a reactionary contraction
    Against the future of this Great Land notwithstanding its
    Delusional Minority
    And their evil Master Plan
    The Nazis and the Klan are in the mix
    Without their guns sticks and robes
    Burning crosses or roving bands
    Fools wield deadly hands across this land and
    In this poker game of fear
    All that we hold dear seems shattered and lost
    The End surely seems near

    But beyond the storm
    Lies the barest form of future possibilities
    As we begin to relate with a whole new mind state
    Each of us a self-contained Nation
    Reaching out to each other to create
    Denominations of Goodness and Peace
    Born in the wake of death and diss ease
    Utter repression draws near and hard times are on the horizon
    FEMA gains power
    The Dragon begins to devour the Innocent and the Blessed
    Subject to the highest test of their eternal ethereal flesh
    This surreal envisioning includes also the Dispossessed
    Who by their existence alone
    Have transcended
    The Test

    To dream of being an Unfettered Race
    Is now a reality in multiple modalities
    Inferiority erased from every face
    All the shades of black and brown
    Luminous and shining eternally Sun-crowned
    In these days of doubt and fear
    Repression is always near
    In America that’s just how it’s done
    The Wars are not about freedom and repatriation
    Media blurbs fool the Herd who carry the word to the
    Ends of the Earth
    Just look at how the biggest Corporations
    Are battling it out wielding power and much clout
    On the global stage
    Like Mages of old and dark miracles untold
    Existential entities of enigmatic elucidations
    With roots in the ghettos and the southern plantations
    Pragmatic renunciation of Imperialistic action
    Is the only reaction that will draw universal appeal
    This is the real power that will replace our lost meals
    Replenish our depleted funds and
    Forge plowshares out of guns

    The Old Folks have a very palpable point
    They know exactly who is
    Running the joint
    And has been for a long time
    Despite the protestations of the Talking Heads
    The spiritually malnourished and Evil Dead are still in control
    But their breath is short
    Their bodies contorted into uncomfortable positions
    As they attempt to redraw the globe with unnatural conditions
    Of human relation and unjustified predation

    The television illuminates a vast and dangerous wasteland
    That ruminates on culinary satiation
    Sexual titillation and crass Material Demand
    Its fare is fit only for mindless consumption
    And the dissection of America's unwarranted gumption
    The Danger of Dissent is now in force
    But the Power of Truth is the only course
    For those of conscience and moral fortitude
    The time to speak has come full nigh
    The order comes now from up on High

    The time is now to raise your voices
    The time is now to make your choices
    The time is now to speak the truth
    The time is now to offer reproof
    The time is now to make your peace
    The time is now to beg for release
    The time is now to be who you are
    The time is now to be a Star
    The time is now to fight the fight
    The time is now for Souls of Light

    To sing the songs of salvations coming
    To paint the scenes of God's armies drumming
    To be the one you know you can be
    To battle for righteousness from sea to sea
    To tell the truth regardless of consequences
    To expose the lies as redemption commences
    To march against the powers of this Earth
    To be the ones to witness the Birth

    Of the next World's Civilization
    The Legacy of Ages made real today
    As the Old Folks rock and continue to say
    That God is Light and come what may
    It'll be alright and
    There’s always a way
    No matter the plight
    Just as long as we pray
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    well said well pose well felt
    keep droppin' dem so ears may hear.