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Apr 6, 2001
Last night our first night has seared not only your body but also your soul to me

As I would follow the lines of your soft beautiful inner thighs to the private place you cherish as the ultimate prize
reserved only for he who has first touched your mind heart and spirit and elevated them three on their journey to be free

I tasted the sweet nectar of your anticipation of my gentle kisses and tongues caress
As you gently pushed against my face as if to say yesss thiiiiiiis iiisss the place

I placed one hand on your breast and the other on your beautiful side from the other side

Not an inch of your body left untouched, unkissed, untasted, my appetite for your passion still unabated
We would move to the point where your hair came undone as our bodies would merge to form just one

Although many, many months of anticipation has brought us to this culmination, I must say as I lay here in the moment you are oh so amazing and far greater than my wildest imaginations.
Your kiss your touch your bodies movements were a beautiful orchestration of your passions expressions where your heart, mind and body combined with the three of mine.


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