Black Entertainment : Laren Bacall died yesterday; this is why I always liked her....

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    Lauren Bacall's remarkably honest account of Humphrey Bogart's death
    The actress, who died yesterday at age 89, offered a powerful and uniquely candid portrait of her life in her autobiography By Myself


    A powerful and uniquely candid portrayal of her husband and marriage. In short, she canned the b.s. and gave it to us honest.

    RIP, Lauren.
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    I agree. From a post I made on Facebook today:

    Here is one of them....

    The death of movie icon Lauren Bacall is particularly noteworthy to me because I was kid growing up during the heyday of Hollywood in the 1940's and 50's.

    When I was in high school in the 50's, I think I was grabbing a snack in the kitchen when I heard my wonderful stepmother exclaim, "Now HERE is a handsome woman!"

    She had a magazine in her hands, I think it was Time. It was a feature on Bacall. But I still had to ask her what she meant by a "handsome" woman? What the heck is that? My stepmom replied it is a woman whose inner beauty and depth of character shines outwardly from within her. Her beauty is far more than just "skin-deep."

    Clearly, as so many have observed, Lauren Bacall was the embodiment of "cool." Class. Intelligence. Inner strength. From her many movies with tough-guy husband Humphrey Bogart, she had that "look." There was a magnetism to it, and it surrounded her.

    Not many women have this. I think of Elizabeth Taylor. Yes, incredibly beautiful. But little substance. Or Marilyn Monroe. Very sexy. But little substance. Hollywood glamor, glitter without grit.

    Bacall had it all. I loved a piece I just read where Bogart once described her: "Steel, with curves!"

    A couple of others also come to mind having the qualities of a beautiful, and yes, handsome woman. I think of Barbara Stanwyck in her role as the matriarch on TV's "The Big Valley." And more recently I most certainly must mention Felicia Rashad, as Bill Cosby's TV wife. She, too, has this rare quality of beauty, intelligence and coolness about her.

    RIP Lauren Bacall. You were in a class by yourself.....

    (Note: I had photos of her from her younger to later year, but not sure I can post them here)