Black People : Language and The Divine.

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    Peace everybody,

    just some thoughts to share..
    I was looking at the board to day and I saw a group of threads that where connected by a very thin but significant vine..


    All of these threads are essentially about language and the connections between our words and the universe. There are those that believe that the dictionary is the key to meaning.. and others that believe the individuals intention is the key to meaning.. and their are those somewhere in between. So if you ask a question like, "What is love?" Some will reply with dictionary definition and support it vehemently... while others will search their own minds for what love means to them. Of course.. my motto is "Context is Everything".. and with regard to meaning.. it truly is. That said.. I do believe our words impact the outter world.. but only through the actions of individuals spurred to some action on account of our words.. but I don't believe there is a special name that gives some universal power.. some gift.. or some curse.. I believe that idea is all based in the ego of man... and his desire for significance.. for certainty.. though I know that, just as the bible says, "As a man thinketh in his heart so too is he". (And I find that to be a true statement not because it's in the bible.. but because my own observations and experiences in this life speak that same truth.. and it's the resonance between the two.. that signifies a truth.)

    So with that.. a man that believes his calling of the name "Jesus" gives him power, will be empowered by the calling of that name. And it won't matter that the spelling and pronunciation he is using is complete disconnected from the actual name of his God's son.. of his Mesiah.. he will still be empowered by the calling of that name.. because.. "as a man thinketh in his heart, so too is he". And the same can be said of words and names and etymologies all throughout whatever languages you understand.

    If a man believes that using the gregorian calendar is a form of submission to evil.. and that one of the key to his liberation is doing away with that system altogether.. then.. he will never be free until he does.

    But does what binds you, really bind me too?..
    really?.. just because I look like you?..
    or is that in your mind?
    or do you feel it in your heart?..
    or is it just english that tells you those two things are apart?

    or is this all just a case of the so-called rational intellect versus the irrational emotions?

    Chinese language, for example, recognizes no such separation between the heart and mind. The character 心 pronounced (xīn), translates to both "heart" and "mind". But what impact does that have on the outside world/the universe?.. does nature respond to one conception and not to the other?.. or is it just, as I believe, that it only matters to the degree that people act on those beliefs and through their actions affect the lives of others.. thus making thoughts and ideas in the mind, realities on the ground.

    ... thoughts?..

    - peace.
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    In one of my post that you have listed above, one of the first things I tried to point out is the misconception of what we are. Most believe and think that we are humans seeking out a spiritual experience or journey...I have come to learn that we are actually spiritual living out a human existence. Think about this: Normally I would have said that the context that you used was an excellent analogy of words, their power and their use, but as I remembered that everything in the universe IS VIBRATION, it altered my thought process. Vibration, whether known or unknown is still vibration...and with it, power..whether known or unknown.

    All energies draw to itself other energies that correspond with it...thus the law of CORRESPONDENCE. The invisible impacts the visible because all things already exist. Humans are unique in the sense that we have the conscious ability to bring the invisible into the visible...but even if we were not consciously aware of this power to do so, would it really matter is actually your question. You think that because we give it no power through our own actions that it doesn't matter, right? The truth of the matter is that, as I am aware that you know, "energy doesn't die". It could possibly dissipate to levels whereby its power is apparently ineffective but it doesn't die. The more anything is spoken, the more life and power it gains, obtains or holds....why so?...because it is with me so far?

    If no one ever used the word ***** for say 75 years....and then suddenly someone said it, that word would not actually have any power to it simply because the energy of it became too weak from lack of use for there to be a visible or invisible "cause and effect" attached to it. This leads me to suspect that somebody in the past understood the spiritual laws of vibration and purposely gave these names to the days and months. If I said to someone today, "where's the Ethiopian ocean at"? The very vibration of that question may not emit any visible power at all to that person but it is still vibrating...and as it vibrates it is going to bring back to it the energy that corresponds to its initial vibration. What corresponds to that energy? The Atlantic Ocean!