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    Land of the Beast-666

    In town, the sheriff represented the law with a 6 pointed star.
    He enforced it with his trusted 6 shooter.
    When they bury you, you're buried 6 feet under
    And there are 6 pallbearers to carry the casket.

    The American flag has 6 white stripes between seven red ones
    There are 6 coins in our money base-penny,nickel, dime,
    quarter, half dollar and the dollar.
    We speak in 6 tenses-past,present,future,past perfect,
    present perfect and future perfect.
    There are 6 vowels- a , e, i, o, u and sometimes "y"
    There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour
    and 360 degrees in a circle.

    After work, you buy your 6-pack. You go home and plop down in front of the 6 sided box called a TV. You click the remote so you don't miss the 6 o'clock news. And when the newscaster's words bristle the hairs on the back of your neck, your 6th sense stands on end as you rotate on a planet that races around the Sun at 66,600 miles per hour !
    This is the Land of the Beast
    and "you" are in his house.
    Welcome home !


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    WHAT/WHO IS 666
    By Andre Austin

    By careful examination of records the real source of 666 will be uncovered step by step. After people figure out what exactly is 666 the ignorance and unwarranted fear should evaporate in the thin air. Most people fear what they don’t know and this canceled many opportunities for mental growth.

    1. Revelation states in part a beast from the sea will mark people on their foreheads and hands with the number 666. This beast is the anti Christ he brings down fire from the sky has two horns like a lamb (ram?).
    2. From the Catholic Bible (Ezekiel 29:1-10) I learned that the great sea monster was directed at the King of Egypt who was called a Crocodile. All Kings of Egypt took on the form of Horus in life and Osiris in death. Horus called himself born from a crocodile star.
    3. The great Greek Historian Plutarch associates 666 with the Crocodile in his essay “Isis and Osiris.
    4. The information above should be enough to prove my point that 666 were a reference to Egypt but I will keep going with this. All Egyptian went through the ceremony of being anointed with oil. What type of oil? Fat was taken from killed Crocodiles then boiled down into oil like Crisco. Where did the Egyptians anoint this oil? On top and at the foreheads of the kings. Now you know where 666 the mark on forehead comes from. The Bible never literally meant hands. Hands in Egypt were symbolic of the crescent horns. Hands=Horns and Horns=Kingdom.
    5. The croc was known in Egypt as a Messeh and from this comes the Hebrew term Messiah which means anointed.
    6. From the Egyptian records no one is a better candidate to be the ant-Christ than King Horus with his successions of Kings. Horus has over 200 similarities to Jesus. Horus makes “grape water” at a Canal. Jesus turns water into wine at Cana with the L dropped off. Horus has the five loves and two fish. Both Horus Jesus are called Amen (Ram). Horus takes on the form of Amen-Ra with Two horns on top of his head. Horus brings down fire from the sky through magic. Horus/Isis has words of power to bring alive Osiris who suffers a deadly wound to his head.
    7. Its no accident Revelation states Jesus was killed spiritually in Egypt. The plagiarists of the Bible best defense of their theft was to accuse Egypt of being the devil. But in doing so they demonize the very origins of their religion. It appears that Egypt may have been transferred over to the Popes of Rome the location of the seven hills. But the seven hills may be symbolic of Egypt. But after the Egyptian history went into total ruin I’m told a lot of Books of their libraries were hauled off to Rome.
    The author of The Two Horn Beast states: “On the Pope’s official mitre (crown) is the title ‘Vicarius Filii Dei’ which means ‘Vicar of the son of god’…In Revelation 13:18 it says “count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666. Lets do it now and see what we find. Remember the Roman numerals you learned in school?

    Total 666 therefore the word Vicarious Filii Dei =666

    The Catholics state their first Pope was Peter. Jesus called Peter “Satan” Matthew 16:23. Peter in Egypt was Pet or Peter known as a square with two pyramids/mountains/rocks supporting the heavens/church. The mountains were called sunrise/sun and sunset/moon.The Egyptian heavenly Kingdom is between the sun and moon. And we must look at the two horns as symbolic of the sun and moon, Amen-Ta, Amen-Ra etc.

    8. We might or might not have a new 666 on our hands here. The Catholic name refers to Ra. Ra (sunlight) had a nickname of Cat. According to Egyptologist the light of the sun makes shapes of Pyramid. The Cat can be associated with the pyramid by their two ears/horns. Hathor is the second part of the Catholic name. Hathor (Isis and Mary original names) was symbolic of water/moon/sunset. Catholics call Mary an eternal Nun. Nun is the Egyptian word for water. The Egyptians also associated the eyes of the Cat with the Moon. So Catholic could mean lake of fire that hell describes. Catholics claim that it refers to Universalism. The Bible refers to Universalism as the aim of the devil to bring everyone under One mind one government. Oneness is equal to Universalism. We may meet Hathor in Revealtions 12:1 who is clothed with the sun and moon
    9. . Like I’ve shown the Popes Mitre (crown) has the 666 mark. I went to websters dictionary and saw a picture of a Mitre crown and it looks like one pyramid, or cat ear in the front and another on in the back. A commentator from the History channel said one of the things the pyramids were symbolic of was of sunrise and sunset. The other names for sunrise and sunset were Amen-Ta and Amen-Ra. The bible claims the beast wears two horns like a lamb. A Ram is like a lamb and is connented with the two Amens. If you read in Luke 21:25 and 31 it will inform you that there are signs in the sun and moon that the Kingdom is at hand. Revelations clearly made the point horns were kingdoms and the Egyptians called hands horns.Durning the Egyptian and Roman times, the star and crescent (Horn) moon symbolized regal powers. So we see Pyramids were also symbolic of Horns and Kings.
    10. In the Egyptian religion the crocodile was pictured wearing a pair of horns and the plumes (horns) of Amen-Ta/sunset and Amen-Ra /sunrise. The pyramid was symbolic of sunrise and sunset. “The synthesis of two Egyptian symbols horns and two mountains…the fusion had far older Egyptian roots. In the pyramid texts in the 5th and 6th dynasties:
    The two mountains are split apart this king comes into being this king has power in his body” –Black Athena By Martin Bernal Volume 2 p.164 This is just further evidence of Egyptians having hands/horns/mountains symbolic of Kingly power.
    So lets break them all down in pairs

    Truth/ Spirit The bible equated Truth with light and spirit with heart/mind
    Sun/ Moon When they come under eclipse their horns/hands show symbol of kingdom
    Sunrise Sunset
    Ra/Cat Hathor/Holic =Catholic
    Mountain1 Mountain 2
    Mitre 1 peek Mitre 2 peek
    Peek/pyramid Peek/pyramid
    Amen-Ra Amen-Ta
    The image of two crocodiles was given to Egyptian Kings at their coronations
    Hand 1 Hand 2
    Horn 1 Horn 2

    All of the above are interrelated and connected with eachother. It was the Egyptians who taught the unity of opposites produces harmony/universalism. Even the bible had stated male/female come together as one. It’s the Egyptians who had the mind/all seeing eye (sun) having the positive and negative forces as creating the universe. They had their universe consisted of two unities.
    11. E.A. Wallis Budge stated “The Australian blacks kill a man, cut out his caul-fat, and rub themselves with it, the belief being that all the qualifications, both physical and mental of the previous owner of the fat, were communicated to him who used it”. –Egyptian book of the dead p.lxxxi .Could this same analogy be applied to The Egyptian Kings being anointed with the fat of crocodiles?.
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    OverStanding Of Revelation Chapter 13 666

    What Is The Electronic Funds Transfer Designed To Do The Electronic Funds Transfer ( Cashess ) System Is Designed To Remove All Money From Individuals . And In So Doing , Will Eliminate All Personal Freedom And Privacy . The Recipient'S Benefits Will Be Credited To An Account , Which Can Be Accessed With Special Debit Cards . The Electronic Fund Transfer
    ( E.F.T. ) Is Aready Practiced In Most Cities Of The United States . This System Will Allow A Consumer To Buy And Sell Without Cash . While A Computer Merely Debits And Credit The Account . What's Interesting Is The FACT That There Are Countries Today That Have Already Fulfilled The Prophesy Of Revelation 13 ; 16 - 18 .. In The Original Aramic .. And The Beast Cause All People Both Big And Small , Rich And Poor , Free And Slave To Get A Stamp In Their Right Hand Or In The Space Between Thier Eyes .. So That No One Would Be Able To Buy Or Sell , Except For Those That Had The Stamp Or The Name Of The Living Beast Or The Number Six Six Six Of His Name ; This Is True Wisdom , So Let Him That Has A Good Mind Count The Number Of The Living Beast ; For It Is The Number Of A Human Being ; And His Number Is Six , Six Hundred And Sixty Six .
    Thailand Has A Contract To Supply Information On Its Population Of Over 56 Million People < And Everyone Over The Age 15 Is Already Logged In This System
    They Record Vital Information , That Would Allow Them To Track Any Individual At And Give Time . The National I.D. Card Has Their Name , Address , I.D. Number , Fingerprints , Marital Status , Educational Background , Occupation . Income , Nationality , Religion , Family History , Tax Return And Criminal Record . What More Information Could They Possibly Need On You ? Some Cards Even List Your Social Security Number And Blood Type !!!
    The Electronic Benefits Transfer ( EBT ) Is Being Used Throughout The Country Also Especially In The State Of Maryland , And Is Now Being Installed In Many Southern States Such As Florida , Alabama , Georgia , North And South Carolina , Tennessee , Kentucky , Arkansas And Missouri , To Name A Few , Other Cashless / SmartCard Systems Are Being Installed In Countries Like Europe And Asia , Where Debit Or SmartCards Are Replaceing Cash On A Regular Basis It Is Required For All Transaction . Their GOAL . Is To Monitor And Control All Personal Activities . The New Money System Marks The Money For The People . The Mark Will Be A Bar Code , And The Number Will Be 666 . The Combination Of The Bar Code And 666 Will Be An Integral Part Of The 666 System , Which Is Another Term For The World Government System . All Goverment Benefits Will Be Delivered Electronically . The Next Thing Is Going To Be Inserting Chips Into People . Which Is Already Being Done . And You May Not Even Realize It . They Are Going To Appeal To You By Saying That Your Chidren Will Never Be Lost If A Chip Is Implaneted Into Them . It Will Be Introduced In A Way That You Can't Refuse It . With The Amount Of Crime Going On Whith Chidren . Such As Abduction , Rapes And Murders . The New Chip Will Abolished All Of These Crimes Through This Simple Technology Used Of Pets . This Will Sound Very Convincing To Parent .W ?
    Because They Will Tell You Things Like . If Your Child Get Lost And They Are Implanted With A Chip , They Will Be Able To Track Your Child Down Wherever They Are . After This Chip Is Inserted . This Is What Will Come To Pass They Don't Tell You What Their Real Plan Is A Treaty Will Allow The Govenment
    ( New World Order ) Under The United Nations To Tell You What You Can And Cannot Do With Your Child , And How Many Children You Should Or Should Not Have . They Will Tell You How To Raise You Children . And The Role That The State Will Have In Raising Your Children . This Treaty Is Called The '' UN CONVENTION ON THE RIGHT OF THE CHILD '' < And It Will Destroy All Parented Rights . This Treaty Will Give Children The Right Of Freedom Of Association , Expression Religion , And Privacy . If Any Parent Is Caugh Infringing On His / Her Child's Rights They Will Be Prosecuted With The Possibility Of Having Their Child Removed From Them , Chastising Your Chidren Will Be A Criminal Offense , With Child Abuse Being The #1 Cause Of Children's Death Between The Ages From Birth - 4 , They Will Appeal To The Fact That Child Abuse Will Not Exist . In France , This Treaty Was Passed And Seven Families Had Their Children Taken Away From Them And The Parent Were Arrested . Passing This Treaty Is The Trap By The Government . All Of These Things Sound Good . No Child Abuse , No , Kidnapping , Etc . But What Will Happen To The Parent That Does Not Abuse Their Child ? What Will Happen To The Parents Who Will Disobey This Treaty ? They Will Because A Target For The Government . The Government Will Own Your Child And Eventually They Will Take Your Children . < Children Will Be Registered At Birth With This Chip So That The Government Can Make Suse They Have Jurisdiction Over The Child's Development . Parents Will Be Prosecuted For Any Attempt Of Preventing Their Childred From Participating In In Parnography , Rock Music , Television , Joining Gangs , Or Using Drugs . They Will Literally Own Your Child ! Again . I'm Telling You They Are Sending Your Children To Total Destruction . Here Is Another < Confirmation > To What I' ve Been Saying For Years , Another Prophecy Fulfilled ! Taken From '' The New York Time's , Whednesday , April 14 . 1999 A.D. This Article Entitled '' Maternity Ward Fashions ; Knit Caps , Chip ID's And BarCodes '' By Verne G .Koptoff States And I Quote .... When The Nurse entered the room , she carried A Handheld Scanner to make sure that Jalen had not been Accidentally Switched with another child in the maternity ward , She Scanned A Data Chip on one of Jayem's Hospital Identity Bracelets . Then did the same to his mother , Jacquelyn Carr , Who was in Bed LQQking Happy But Tired ... This makes you feel a l;ittle more at ease about letting you baby go out of your room ,Ms Carr Said . You Feel A Little More Secure That when He Comes Back , He Is Really Yours . You want to be able to say that you would recognize your child by sight . But You Never Know ..... Mother , Father And Infants Are Fitted With Scannable Bracelets Just After The Baby Is Wiped Clean In The Delivery Room . They Wear The Bands Until They Are Discharged From The Hospital ; Each Band Contains A Data Chip That LQQk Like A Metal Button And Is Programmed With An Identity Number . Nurses Scan These Chip Each Time They Move An Infant To Or From Its Mother's Room . .. The Music That Plays When The Parent And Child Are Properly Matched Is Intended To Make The Experience A Little More Than Notification By . Say A Flashing Green Light . To Operate The Scanner , Nurses Touch To The Data Chip On The Baby's Bracelet . Then To The Parents . The Device Determines If The Number Embedded In The Chips Correspond . A Similar Sysyem Has Just Been Put On The Market Using Bar Codes , Using A Laser Reader Like Those Used At Groceries . They Are Preparing Your Children For This New Plan Through Schools .... Schools Are Now Using Bar - Coded I.D, / Debits Cards For Children To Eat Lunch . States Like Minnesota , Wisconin , And California Have Started This Centralized Computer System . Cards Are Given To Student At The Beginning Of The Year . Parents Pay In Advance For The Card . With Meals Deducted And Account Balanced Daily By A Computer . Parents May Pay For Children In Different Schools With One Check . And Pay Up To A Full School Year ., If There Is A Remaining Balance It Is Refunded Or Pushed Over For The Next School Year . These Cards Are Scanned With A Pen - Shapen Scanner . Each Card Hold A 39 Bar Code Which Appears On A Notebook Computer . And That Also Goes For Libraries , They Too Carry The Mark Of The Beast , It's Spreading Everywhere ; Another PROPHECTY FULFILLED ! Confirmation <> The Article Is Taken From The '' Weekly World New's Newspaper September 14 , 1999 A.D. Issue Page 16-17 ... And Is Entitled '' WARING ! SECRET GOVT . PLOT TO IMPLANT BIOCHIP INTO EVERY MAN , WOMAN AND CHILD ! By Michael Forsyth And It States '' Plans Are Under Way To Implant Every Man , Woman And Child In The World With A Tiny Biochip That Will Allow The Coming One - World Government To Track Them Anywhere They Go , Monitor Their Every Activity And Control Them Economically .. Only Those Implanted With This Unique Electronic Identification '' Mark Will Be Permitted To Buy And Sell While The Rest Of Us Are Hunted Down As Outcast In A Coming Global Government Known As The New World Order . '' Says Christian Fundamentalist Researcher Terry L . Cook Author Of The Book Mark Of The New World Order And Producer Of An Accompanying Video . The High - Tech Mark Will Be A Fulfillment Of Biblical Prophecy Which Warns That Satan's Earthly Agent The Anit - Christ Will Use Such A System To Enslave Mankind .... The Devil Himself Will Be In Charge Of The New World Order . The Author Says ... It Is My Well - Researched Opinion That The Mark Of The Beast Is Absolutely Literal Says Cook . '' Soon . All People On Earth Will Be Coerced Into Accepting A Mark In Their Right Hand Or Forehead . I Am Convinced That It Will Be An Injectable Transponder With A Computer Chip '' This Teachnology Is Already Being Widely Used To Track And Monitor Pets ... The Author Notes ... '' For Household Pets . The Transponder Chip Implant Is About The Size Of A Grain Of Rice '' He Says .. It Is Permanently Imprinted With An Identifying Number That Corresponds To The Name . Address And Phone Number Of The Pet's Owner . The Tiny Glass - Encases Chip Is Injected Just Under The Animal's Skin . If The Pet Is Lost And Turned In To An Animal Shelter . Staffers Can Use A Low - Frequency Signal Emitted By The Chip To Idenify It . The Information Pops Up On A Viewing Screen When The Animal Is Scanned Externally . Up To Three Inches From The Skin By The Antenna Of A Scanner Wand '' Explains Cook . Ominously . The Points Out , Pet - Implant - Idenification '' Has Gone From Being Advocated To Being Mandated By The Animal Control Department Of Most Metropplitan Areas Biochips , Which Can Also Store Information On Animals Health History And Bloodlines . Are Also Being Used In Ranching . Horse Racing And Wildlife Identification And Monitoring ... Cook Warns That The Day Is Not Far Offf When The Government Will '' Tag '' Humans With The Same Sort Of Biochips -
    With A Much More Sinister Goal In Mind .... Conceivably . A Number Could Be Assigned At Birth And Go With A Person Throughout Life . Most Likely The Biochip Would Be Implanted On The Back Of The Hand So That It Would Be Easy To Scan The Just - Under - The - Slin Chip . Which Can Be Lost Or Stolen . Will Make Financial Dealings A Snap . '' It Would Be Like A Universal ID Card . . Replacing All Other Forms Of ID ... Eventually . This Biochip '' Mark '' Will Be The Only Means By Which Financial Transactions Are Conducted , Warns Cook . Incredibly . The Government May Have Begun Testing The Mark Of The Beast On Humans . He Says . '' I ' ve Heard From Reliable Sources That The Military Is Already Using This Technology - There Are Members Of The SEALs And Special Foces Running Around With These Biochip In Them ... The New World Order Will Be A Nightmare ...'' It Will Be A Big - Brother Style Global Goverment . A Dictatorship Run By Satan . It Will Be The Worsform Of Totalitarianism The World Has Ever Seen ...There A New Kind Of Chip Out That Even Nasa Is Interested , Thaken From The '' Popular Mechanics '' Magazine . July 1999 A.D. Issue Technology Page 28 Entitled '' Machine Vision On A Chip '' And It States . '' Computers Can See Well Enough . The Problem Is That They Cannot Always See Fast Enough . Their Luck Of Speed Is Caused By The Need To Divide The Separate Tasks Involved In Creating '' Machine Vision '' Among Specialized Chip Devoted To Signal Processing Information Analysis And Communications . By Doing All This Work On A Single . Low - Power Chip Electrical Engneers At Johns Hopkins University In Baltimore Have Speeded Thing Up To The Point Where Machine Vision Can Steer A Toy Car . Or Keep A Surveillance Camerra Trained On Moving Targets Nasa Is Eyesing The Chip For Use As The Eyes Of Autonomous Flying Machines And Extraterrestrial Rovers ''
    And Talking About Fingerprints , In An Article , In An Article Taken From The '' Popular Mechanics '' Magazine July 1999 A.D. Edition . Technology Page 38 Entitled '' Bodily Functions '' By Kim Komando States And I Quote ..... Let Your Fingers Sign You On .... The U .are U Fingerprint Reader Is A USB ( Universal Serial Bus ) Device . This Approcah Allows The Reader To Use The USB Port Both For Its Data Connection And Power . No Extra Power Comection Or Dealing With Messy System Configurations Is Required ... The U are U Software Walks You Through The Fingerprint '' Enrollment '' Process In Which You Can Enroll Up To Four Fingerprints
    In The '' USA Today '' Newspaper , August 10 , 1999 A.D. Issue Is An Article Entitled '' FBI Digitizes Fingerprint System Today '' By Gary Fields . And It States '' WASHINGTON . The FBI Unveils A $640 Million Fingerprint System Today That's Expected To Reduce The Time It Takes To Identify Suspents From Months To Hours , At Its Best . The Intergrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System In
    Clarksburg , W. Va Will Allow Police Officers To Take Suspects Prints Using Electronic Pads In Their Cars And Campare Them Almost Immediately With Millions Of Prints On File In The Federal Computer Banks . Law Enforcement Agencies Security Firms . Child - Care Providers And Others . Conducting Backgrown

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    What Does The "666" Mean?

    by Wayne Blank

    "Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six." (Revelation 13:16-18 RSV)

    The Mysterious "666"

    A tremendous amount has been written about the Bible's one and only reference to the mysterious number "666." Using various methods of equating numbers with letters of words or names, a wide variety of interpretations have been made. A few are reasonable guesses (e.g. Nero Caesar, Romulus, Lateinos, Vicarius Filii Dei), while numerous others are extremely unlikely.

    Although it's not entirely clear, yet, what the "666" itself means, the Bible does provide many Scriptures relating to the "beast" that the number represents:

    A "new" world economic and military superpower that will represent the final prophesied revival of the ancient "Holy Roman Empire" (Daniel 2:31-45, Revelation 13:1-3, 17:9-14) (see Daniel's Statue and Birth Of A Superpower), which has actually existed in Europe for many centuries.

    A Satan-possessed human who will eventually become its absolute ruler, while claiming divine status (Revelation 13:4-6). The "beast" is a term used to describe both this human, and the great political/religious superpower that he will lead (see Emperor and The Antichrist).

    A great religious leader who will support the beast. He will perform spectacular Satan-powered "miracles" that will deceive a majority of the citizens of every nation on earth into obeying and actually worshiping the "beast." (Revelation 13:4, 7-8, 12-14) (see Emperors and Popes). Because of this worldwide deception, undeceived Christians in even the most strongly-defended countries will not escape persecution because, in most cases, it will not come from foreign invaders, but from fanatically-deceived "Christians" of their own nation. The deceived masses will think that they serving God while they are actually martyring His people (e.g. John 16:2-3, Revelation 13:7).

    The right and ability to buy, sell and work (Revelation 13:17).

    The personal acceptance or refusal of the "mark" of the beast (Revelation 13:16).

    The time will come when there will be no doubt about who and what the "666" symbol is all about. Why? Because the end-time account of the true church is about choices that every genuine Christian then living will have to make, and the consequences of those choices.

    God's people can choose to obey Him and reject the mark of the beast, but then be persecuted by the beast and deceived humans (Revelation 13:7,10,15 and 17:6), or accept the mark of the beast and face the wrath of God that will come upon those who do so (Revelation 16:2). It will be a deliberate, knowing choice, and at that time there will be no doubt what it means.
    Bible Study - What Does The 666 Mean?


    Mar 16, 2008
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    carpenter, anthropologist, teacher. Right now I te
    in florida for now
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    @ awo dino - HAHAHAHAHHA! My kid sister is 6, better get to work son. Who u gonna call? The DIBIA.

    Nice poem up there fam.


    - Ikoro
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    Numerogically speaking 666 is nothing to fear, nothing to fear at all.

    666 is the same as 999. The only differance between the two is one is turned upside down.

    In numerology, you add across until you produce a single digit.

    6+6+6=18... 1+8=9
    9+9+9=27... 2+7=9

    9 represents completion.

    It's interesting that Revelations, as someone mentioned in this thread... When you do the Numerology for the word Revelation it comes out to the number 3 and when added 3 times 3+3+3=9

    There is a thin line between 9 and 1 because whereas 9 represents completion of a cycle or the end of a cycle, 1 represents beginnings of a new cycle.

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    There are people who will make fun and there are people who just don't understand.

    The mark of the beast isn't for you to fear the number 666 like some do nor is it for anyone to do any numerology on as that goes against the Father's will, but it is for a sign of understanding in these last days; for us to be wary and on watch that we fall not into temptation which presents itself as anything you desire, to keep or to have.
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    I've read a few theories on '666' and what it might mean, and as of today i haven't taken a position. But after reading your post I have to say this.

    It's important to do your own research, cuz that was seriously messed up bruh.

    Just so many factual errors, like stating the beast from the sea brings fire down from heaven. That would be the 2nd beast from the Earth. And all this stuff bout Egypt and Crocodiles, and Osiris and Horus?

    These figures do not represent anything that has to do with anti-Christ. In fact the Hebrew scripture is to a great extent based on the Egyptian religious system including figures like Osiris and Horus.