Black Short Stories : Laila, my love


Feb 15, 2008
"you have Mr.Antonello? I heard he's extra strict"
Laila met up with her best friend April at lunch. They decided to stick together ever since freshman year when they found out they were the only black girls in chorus class.
"Well, yeah he's pretty strict but maybe he'll lighten up"
"Yea, ok keep hoping"
"Thanks for the encouragement"
"Hey I'm just tellin it like it is, I see him around and he look like he dont take no mess from no one"
"it could all be just a front" April just raised her eyebrows in a yeah right' kinda way.
" Well, i give him one thing..she sho look good"
"What?" Laila couldnt believe her ears. Miss black power right on, right on was actually admitting Mr.Antonello was attractive.
"You of all people?" Laila bursted out into laughter
"What Laila?" she continued "am I wrong though?,..I mean he seem a little odd but other than that, the man can dress his *** off La"
"Yea,yea,yea I bet he wont be so cute after this symester, he's preparing the profiency exam for all the spanish classes, including yours and i guarantee it wont be easy"
"hmm, forget it"
"yea, thats what i thought, and speaking of that, he had the nerve to get mad when I asked him about when we was gonna be takin it, like I was suppose to kno"
"Well, you shouldnt feel bad cause i'm sure he's like that with everyone, besides, according to your analysis everything should be fine"

Her legs were like brown sugar, dipped in caramel, and honey. I cant really explain it. She came to school with her skirt lifted up a notch. I had opened the window just to get some air.**** !she was a child for christsake...,what the hell was wrong with me.
"Mr.Antonello can I erase the board after class for service credit?"
For a while, not a sound escaped my lips. My back was facing her and I had to try and build up enough strength to at least respond..can you imagine that?
"Mr.Antonello?" she said, seemingly in slow motion.
"Sure" I said finally, turning to face her, expressionless. She smile at me unsure of what to do next. Just then the first bell rang.
Students began to pour in as she started for her seat.
"Hola, como estas?" I said loudly pacing the front of the class with my hands behind my back. The class responded weakly and I stopped dead in my tracks.
"I dont think everyone heard me...Hola como estas? i said even louder
"BIEN" They yelled
"That was better" I said letting them know I was not kidding around this morning.
I had began my lesson, the same as always.My main focus was to keep them engaged but even still,Laila was like tunnel vision.I couldnt keep my gaze off of her no matter how hard I tried. I had only hoped my unintentional actions werent obvious. I honestly wasnt able to help myself..but she was all i saw.Before I knew it the bell rang and I found myself missing her already.Everyone stood still waiting for my signal to dismiss them to 2nd period.
"I want all homework on my desk when you walk through that door tomorrow....your dismissed"
Everyone left except Laila. She took hold of the eraser and I couldnt help but sit on the edge of my desk, and watch.I had already prepared my lesson for my next class which was 3rd period, so i had time on my hands. She reached for the words I had written that lingered above her height.I witnessed those sweet brown legs once again and I felt my heart quicken. I got up at that moment and shuffeled some papers around, anything to keep moving. She was still quiet when she aproached me with the eraser.
"Thank you" she said raising her neatly arched eyebrow.
"Thank you" I said in return,.. "you can just leave the eraser over there" I pointed.Im sure she was aware of where to put the eraser. However, I was confused as to why she thanked me. Service credit wasn't really a big deal to students like her, especially students who had no need for it.

Mr.Antonello was in his classroom, looking out the window when he heard the squeak from my brand new navy blue and white keds. He looked me up and down, completely from head to toe.
"Mr, Antonello can I erase the board for sevice credit?
He walked over to his desk, turning his back toward me.
"Mr. Antonello?" I said waiting for his reply
"Sure" he finally said just before the bell rang. I went to my seat and crossed my legs just to keep myself contained. I'm sure he noticed. He had been looking at me all period long. I began to feel nervous, not because he was my teacher, or an adult but because April was right, he was fine. He stood at 6'4..or maybe 6'5, I kid you not. He had dark thick wavy hair with a hint of salt and pepper. I bet it's premature gray, he looks like he's in his 30's. He had a goatee overwhelmed by long, manly dimples and his eyes..dont even get me started. I know the color is sea green but thats not even enought to decribe tem..their unexplainable, mesmerizing and intense.
after the bell rang I proceeded to erasing the board. He sat on his desk, just looking didnt dare turn back. Then he moved, and sat at his desk. Now I dont know what possessed me to walk over to that man and thank him, but the look he gave me caused my stomach to flutter.

It had been a monTh and Im pretty sure Laila and I have been given hidden signals to one another after dismissal. She'll reach above height as I watched closely, practically on all fours. What I wouldn't do to just....
"Mr. Antonello, I'm done"
I broke out of my daze and approached her
" To be fair, I really need to give your position to someone else..who actually needs extra credit..only for a little while though"
I was standing still, leaning against my desk with my arms folded in front of me. She stood directly in front of me crossing her pretty little legs.
"Yea, I kno" she said looking off to the side with a forced smile.
"Other people have been asking
"I is this my last day as board monitor?'
"No, well,lets just say, your on break"
"Ok" she smiled the most gorgeous smile i had ever seen on gods green earth. It mad me smile..which is a deed I rarely ever do.

I was already through with teaching although I had 3 periods left. Laila was still in school for two more periods and I would occasionally see her pass by my class. If I happen to catch her eye she might flash me a glimpse of that gorgeous smile.
Finally! I thought. Friday couldnt have taken any longer to come. I cant really say i was complaining though, but I was beat The only thng that was gonna hi the spot was a slice of Margaita's pizza off Jamaica Avanue. I usually get stared down whenever I go and today was no different. I dont give a **** as long as the recipe dont change i was hungry and besides I live 5 minutes away in Jamaica estates
I walked out of Margarita's with a box of pizza in one hand and a peach snapple in the other. Then, I saw her. Getting out of a red toyota. She had changed her clothes from earlier and was now wearing these tight blues jeans that and a black tank top that showed off her ample chest. She also had on a hoody that was barely holding on to her sweet shoulders.
"Mr. Antonello? what are you doing here?"
"Hello Laila, I was just grabbing something to eat, I dont live too far fro here actually"
" come meet my mom"
"OK i guess were starting parent teacher conference a little early huh?"
I knew this day would come but not so soo. To face the parent of a child I had been in lust with, to put it mildly, is not exactly a piece of cake.
"Good evening Ms.Love'
"Hi, Mr.Antonello right, I've heard a lot about you, how are you?"
so she has been speaking of me to her mother, interesting.
"i'm quite fine and yourself"
"I'm good, tell me, how's Laila doing, cause she aint too good in spanish like she is in english and history"
"She's doing just fine, believe me"
"Alright, well imma let you go Laila will see you Monday"
"Bye Mr.Antonello" Laila said out from the door of the pizza shop, assume she had been watching the conversation.
"Goodbye sweetheart" i said as casually as I could but what i really wanted to say was goodbye my Laila, my Love.. my obsession.

thanks guys for commenting the first one i hope this one is good too


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