Black Short Stories : Laila, my love pt3


Feb 15, 2008
Saturday Night
"he called you sweetheart? whoa, I guess your getting a breakthrough"
"yea I kno "
" I just cant believe he lives in the hood"
"Me either, even if Jamaica estates is a nice area, he just seems more of a manhattan type of guy"
"Yea, he does..
"You kno April, I think there's a connection between us, I cant explain it but it's some sort of tension-
"Yea sexual tension-
" can see it too huh?
"I dont even have class with you, but from what you be tellin me, thats what it sounds like"
"Well i like how that sounds'"
"just be careful Laila, a lot can happen from 'sexual tension'"

That night, mommy made pork chops..again. I was hoping she would let me take my plate in my room so I could watch america's funniest videos. But instead she made me and my little brother Cori, who is 8 and a pain, come and eat at the table with her.
"That teacher of yours is pretty easy on the eyes"
"sorry,sorry anyway dont forget you have to go for tutoring tomorrow, I dont want you failing math.
"Ma, I only got one 65 and thats passing you kno"
"yea just barely..and thats not good enough, if you keep settling for just barely then thats what your gonna get, do you hear me?"
" yes Ma" i said, I wasnt tryna hear that. My mind was occupied on other things, or rather someone.

9th period
"oh,snap" Laila said to April as they headed out the school building
"What, what happened?"
"I'm suppose t go to that **** math tutoring"
"**** girl that's today?"
"yea, i aint stayin though"
"how long is it?"
"only a period
"well imma meet up with Nikke and James, we'll wait for you at Mcdonalds"
"ok I should be out at 3:30, i guess"
" Aight..later"

All these unnecessary free periods seemed to extend my day even more. I had just come from 9th period and was walking to the teachers lounge where I was usually alone.I was in direr need of a smoke, but decided to refrain from that for a while, all it cause was more stress. I heard a faint knock as i was still sorting through the tests. I walked over to the door, papers still in hand.
"Hi, Mr.A" I looked up from the tests papers and saw her there. she always found a way to find me, then again, I was not upset at all.
"Do you know where Mr. Lamb is?he's suppose to be tutoring me?"
"Mr. Lamb left emerency, you can try again tomorrow"
" oh..thanks" she looked upset, as she started for the door.
"um Laila? can you come back for a sec?
she entered, coming close to me. Not surprisingly, no one else was in the lounge, except me. And her. The others teachers either went out for lunch,was in a meeting or teaching a class.
the door closed..and we were a alone
"can you help me grade these tests?"
"sure, I will be getting extra credit right?" I smiled and we both began to laugh at her boldness.
"Maybe" I winked at her wile handing her a few sheets and a answer key to follow.
We stayed separate. Her on one side, e on the other.Occasional glances here and there complimented by a smile. After a few minutes she proclaimed she had finished grading and I challenged her to prove it. She walked over moving her graceful hips slowly. Yea, she know what she's doing.She got so close to me, I could feel her wetness. I happened to look at her bare legs as she placed the work in front of me. Just then something came over me. My hand crept along the back of her luscious thighs and traveled up to the crease of that ripe behind of hers. I couldnt help but take a bite. I lifted her skirt and kissed her through her black laced panties. I felt her hands run through my hair and I know she wanted more. While turning my chair towards her, i placed her between my legs and began to move her panties to the middle of her thigh, just enough so i could, taste...and she tasted exactly how I thought she would. Slowly I continued long, soft strokes with my tongue. Her grip tighten and i started hearing soft moans escape her lips, soon she was digging holes in m skin through my clothes. She raised her leg and almost caught off balance from pleasure. I removed my head from her as she continued to hold in her moans. I was out of breath from passion that i couldnt hear anyting else but the sound of her heart beat muffeled by her heavy breathing... Then there was a knock. Laila quickly pulled up her underwear and went to sit down on the other side. I tried my best not to look like how i felt as i walked to the door. I wiped my mouth before letting miss kaybeck in. She was and old school aid who felt she needed the important para professional title.
"Didnt you hear me knocking?" I was there forever"
" I apologize Ms Kaybeck" i said calmly while looking at Laila. She was gathering her things.
"I'll see you tomorrow Laila?" i said trying not to intimidate her
"Yes" she said hardly looking me in the eye. She hastily exited the room leaving me to think of our encounter all night long. I only hoped it wasnt the last time.


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