Black Relationships : Ladies, What to you makes a Brother unattractive?


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Sep 17, 2012
I wonder if the things we want in a mate are what we have to offer?

I would think so... If a woman says she does not want a person who is on drugs...I would assume she is not a druggie. I don't think both men and women are looking for perfect mates.....they are things that people will have a zero tolerance for though.

For me I would not want to be involved with a man who smokes, or drinks, lies or gambles. These are things that I do not engage in and IF this is too much then I might have to stop looking... These are things which people do not have to engage in. They have a choice whether they want to or not.


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Oct 27, 2014
I have ultimately always seen smoking/drinking as a turn-off... I think a man who respects & preserves his Health & fitness is sexy! Well-groomed, intelligent & ambitious... Knowing how to talk to a wmn... An eloquent man is extremely attractive & not just "charm" respect/consideration & sincerity... Poor Hygiene & Ignorance are the ULTIMATE turn-off! ... A nice smile & fair height (shallow part of me) go a lOng way!


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Mar 22, 2004
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Well, I will answer this question by first answering the opposite question. I've found myself attracted to men who have a quality that I didn't find attractive in other men. For instance, I wasn't attracted to excessively tall men until I saw a family friend stretched out under my Xmas tree one morning and wondered if he was a present for me. To get from his feet to his head I had to make a decision: AT&T or Sprint. Until then, I couldn't see how I could have a relationship with a guy if we couldn't see eye to eye. Knowamsnae?

So a man who is so worried about being what I want him to be that he can't be himself (be for real, be honest) is not very attractive.

It's not about how he looks really. When I was a kid, I went for the cute boys. But what a woman wants from a man is different from what a man wants from a woman. A man can look like the last thought I'd have just before committing suicide and still be attractive to woman because of the way he carries himself. For me, it's a quality of imperturbability.

Five things a man should never say to a woman:

1. Hey baby, care to split a drink?
2. Let's go party til we puke.
3. You have such nice skin for a woman your age.
4. Are those real?

and last but not least, the daddy of them all
5. I love your dress. In fact, I have the perfect earring for it.

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