Black Women : Ladies (&Gents)...Question for you.


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Jan 11, 2008
eartH (Heart) is my home
child care provider
some young man

once told me that half of being beautiful is knowing you are.

There are Sisters that are stunning and don't know it, for whatever reason they bought into the message that they were unattractive, and they attract people and experiences that treat them in unattractive ways.

There are Sisters that carry not a traditional sense of beauty, but are blessed with style, poise, grace & dignity. Their world mirrors this back to them.

There are Sisters that are bold, beautiful, intelligent and the world both embraces and challenges them to shine for the appreciation of themselves and others.

Then there are sisters who carry a simple heart, a good mind, and a pleasant attitude reminding us all that self-love is a cultivation within us, the opens the opportunity to loving and giving to ourselves and others.

I've never met a lazy, over-indulgent, mean-spirited, good-for-nothing, deserves hardship, hateful sister. So, I got no reason to feel ill at ease with another sister unless she and I have a bad history; and then it's just better to say a prayer of forgiveness and keep it moving.

nobody in our community does much work on their real person.
that is the source of most of our problems today.
the answer is so simple.
the answer is so difficult.

I agree Brother James.

Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
What you speak of is a testimony to the fact that we as a people 144 years out of physical slavery "still have not been de-programmed...aka..healed from the effects of it or of "white supremacy" which controls every aspect of our life from birth on up. Our images are controlled, we have a value system that is not ours...we still carry the names of our past slave masters even though they have been long dead. We celebrate holidays/holydays which are not ours but a legacy of those who enslaved our people and pulled off an unspoken holocaust on the indigenous people. We practice a foreign religious system manufactured by our oppressors. We still eat slave food that we now call "soul food" even though it's killing us....and then you wonder why we got issues? We haven't been deprogrammed or healed yet and until we are, what you speak about will continue to manifest itself in REAL LIFE !!...oh, and just to give you an example of what I'm saying. The word "gentleman" is a European f@g@@t. He is not designated as "A REAL MAN", he is a designated as a"GENTLE MAN". A husband is a home owner. Look it up for yourself...and the term "wife" is nothing more than a "room owner" even this language that we are using is laced with gender bias, racism and everything else...yet we try to define ourselves and our lives by it.

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